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Can i filter sellers to be only from a specific country?

how can i filter my search - to show only sellers from a specific country?

Why? There are so many amazing sellers from over the world. :slight_smile:

Reply to @princemaxx: Some gigs require constant communication between buyer and seller, and it greatly helps if the two are in the same timezone - so I think having a search filter for this purpose will greatly help.

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Reply to @princemaxx: When it comes to some SEO things, it’s nice to know someone has a native command of the English language. For some things it doesn’t matter, but I imagine if someone was hiring a seller to do manual forum posting or blog commenting being able to write fluently in English would be really important.

Very true. This is a good feature to have …

I wish we did have this feature as there are many gigs out there that are region and country specific, mine included

I would like to see this added, too. Not so much from a quality standpoint, but I would like to support talented people from specific countries. Especially for Gigs my wife wishes to purchase since her native language is not English. It would allow her to communicate easier with service providers if they both spoke the same “first” language.

But then again…I just did a Google search:


and received back this URL: which at least allows me to browse providers from the Philippines and gigs mentioning the Philippines.

In fiverr: The Flag country can be faked, But the quality of works Can NOT!

Reply to @oldbittygrandma:

I think the flag is based on your IP. That can easily be changed with a VPN service.

Reply to @integritymedia: Isn’t the flag based on what you enter when you sign up?

There are some gigs where it would be very useful to be able to search by Country… especially where you need local services… Im looking for Australian Virtual Assistants… I want someone who has an Aussie accent to speak to my customers on the phone.

Yeah, this is really needed. I need someone who is local to me with a similar accent to do an explainer video and there’s no country filter. Massive pain, fiverr should really sort this out.

We’re looking to give our business to Americans, primarily veterans. To have to wade thru each listing is a total hassle. What motivated Fiverr to eliminate the flags - some misguided effort to be politically correct? Ridiculous.

is it really fiverr or fiver? :frowning: