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Can i find supported ids page?

Hello guys, I’m from serbia and fiverr requires me ID verification.
I failed it 2 times and I just want to make sure that serbian national ID is supported for fiverr.
I’m not sure did I select the correct category, if not sorry.


Yes all national valid ID cards are supported to verify you as a seller…
make you sure when you match your face regarding ID card it should be clear and have proper lighting situation…

If you fail again don’t worry you can try it again by applying in CS

Oh okay, thanks for responding now I don’t have to worry about getting banned and not being able to try it again :smiley:


The same thing happened to me:(
I was very upset I didn’t what to do :thinking:

Then I contacted CS they gave me another chance :smile:

Check this out:

@nemdeveloperguy try again, good luck.