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Can I get a little boost?

Guys, I know I have to be patient and keep marketing. But can I please get a little boost so the Fiverr Gods can send me some traffic so I can do battle?


What do you mean by “a little boost”?

You need to create a creative community. Please google how to write web content you’ll more and work better.

Help me review my gig

Thanks for the advise. I trying to sell here on Fiverr. can you review my gig. And give me some pointers

Already did:

That link I shared in your other thread has a bunch of useful links in the (RRD) section that can help you out.


Experienced Top-Rated Seller!

Delete or replace the words “top-rated seller”. You have two reviews, so people might think you copied that part of your gig description.

Your descriptions will be clear, concise, and fluff-free; irrelevant or repetitive.

After the semicolon, you need to add in the word “not”.

Concise, fluff-free review articles for in your affiliate products.

This sentence is either clumsy or semantically incorrect.


Nothing we say or do can guarantee that you will find a boost in sales here on Fiverr. It is also unwise to expect Fiverr to provide you with sales and traffic. If you want to earn more sales, you are going to have to – as you noted, “be patient and keep marketing”. Sales come from the target customers who need your services, not from Fiverr.

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Why in the earth you want to offer writing related services when it’s obvious as hell that your skillset isn’t enough for it.

Thanks for the pointer:) Can you recommend a great grammar and syntax book/course?

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I don’t know. Maybe I’ll decide to be an Astrophysicist, since anybody can do it now.

Thanks for the piece of advice:) From your experience, what is best marketing channel?

Well, you don’t have a clue about my knowledge of Astrophysics. By contrast, I see your gig… so your “comment” is simply nothing to it.

And you just verified my statement:

mMmm… but I have a pretty good idea how that goes. :wink:

Any time!

Two free but useful grammar resources are The Internet Grammar of English by UCL and English Grammar by the University of Edinburgh.

You should have no problem following either, but if you do have any problems, feel free to get in touch.

A good resource for punctuation is Guide to Punctuation by Larry Trask. This is also available for free on the University of Sussex’s website.

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There is no one single best “marketing channel”. You need to find where your specific target customers are located and market at that place or location. Go where your people are.

Thanks. I’ll hit you up if I need anything.

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Sound advice. Thanks.

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