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Can I get a negative review removed?

I was wondering if I can get a bad / negative review removed If I have done a quality job.

If client didn’t like it and wanted to cancel the order. But somehow I got the order to complete but at the end client left a negative review because I didn’t cancel the order.

Can I get this review removed?

No. Since you completed the order and made the client pay for it, they have the right to review as they see it. Negative reviews can only be removed if the buyer wants them removed or there is some other mitigating circumstance.

If you believed the client was wrong asking for a refund, you should have talked with Customer Support before the order was complete.

I delivered and buyer didn’t respond for more than 1 week. And after the order was auto marked complete, buyer asked for a refund. I delivered 4 concepts before, but He asked for more concepts so I delivered 3 more. After that He didn’t respond. Now asking for a refund because he didn’t like the designs.

I’ve done a lot of quality work for him and can’t afford to refund. But I don’t deserve negative review too. What to do in this situation?


You can contact Customer Support and tell them you believe the review was unfair. If you contact them only once and wait patiently, they will consider it and decide. If they say no, you’ll have to live with it.

If you try sending more than one ticket or you harass Support, they probably will not help.