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Can I Get A Witness?

I’ve been a member for almost 3 years now, and to this day there has always been one aspect of this website that irks me to no end, well at least as a seller. How is it even feasible for Fiverr to hold onto a sellers earnings for an entire 2 weeks after the order has been marked as complete? As an avid user of several different sites that use “cash out” systems to pay you, I have never been angered more by such a ludicrous and poorly explained policy. After taking a whopping 20% on nearly everything a seller sells, they want to impose an additional fee for a system that automatically generates a token ID to make the deposit? THIS IS 2014!!! Don’t bother contacting Fiverr for any more information about the policy, as they will simply shove the quoted policy down your throat. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Fiverr needs to “catch up with the times,” and while I know the money is GREAT in their taxing and fee department, maybe Fiverr needs to offer a little incentive for sellers that are actually making them tons of money with their talent. Can I get a witness?

I remember hearing that my grandfather or great-grandfather used to get his salary in cash in a little envelope every Friday. He got the same amount, and it didn’t matter if he worked more than the 45 hours he was expected to put in or not. If he worked less, he DID get docked, however. I suppose you could say he got paid “right away”…at least for Friday, but Monday’s pay was delayed 4 days.

In my first job, I got paid on Tuesdays with a check which represented the hours I worked the previous Sunday through Saturday. So I didn’t get paid right away; it was delayed by 3 to 10 days, plus the bank was usually closed when I got the check, so it was another day until I got paid. I won’t say how old I am, but I’ll admit that I’m probably older than the average age here.

My ex-husband worked for an international company. He got a paycheck every two weeks, which represented a salary for his work from the PREVIOUS two-week period. So his pay was delayed 14 to 28 days.

Two weeks? And once cleared, I can transfer the funds and get them into my account in another day or two? No big deal to me. I really don’t understand the weeping and gnashing of teeth this evokes.

Meh, I can understand why they do it, but then again, it may not just be two weeks. I sometimes have longer gigs and it just adds on, so… 5-7 days to complete + 3 days for the customer to review + 2 weeks. This is the digital age! Everything is faster, better, easier… why not this? lol one can dream right?

Maybe more of an Escrow type of situation would be interesting here. But I honestly don’t mind the wait… As long as you’ve got a steady flow of orders, after the initial two weeks, you will have a steady flow of cash coming in. I think it’s better than some of those other sites that make you wait till you’ve got $100 or more to cashout. Here you can cash out with no minimum.

One thing that does irk me though, is the delivery system. Sometimes I feel as if I have to watermark every thing before I send it to a buyer just in case they want to cancel or try to get something for free. I wish there was a way to prevent buyers from downloading our work until they approve a sample and complete the order. I just really don’t like the idea that so many sellers on fiverr get taken advantage of by cheating buyers.

I am not saying ALL buyers are cheaters nor am I saying that all Sellers are honest. I just mean that I see not so great things happening more often around here and it would be nice to see some positive changes for all…

Is it possible to have the word SAMPLE written across your work when you deliver the completed project, then deliver it to them without the word across it when the gig is complete? They should understand the reason for this.

Reply to @misscrystal: The way Fiverr works right now, once an order is complete, you can no longer send messages or attach files in it. You would have to send it to the buyer in a private message. I doubt many buyers would be comfortable with that…

Reply to @valentinahux: You can always send files through “Deliver Again” or on a message from the order page. I just looked at an order which is just 14 days from delivery, and both those options are still available. For an older, completed order, the “Deliver Again” option is gone, but at the bottom of the order page is a link to contact the buyer, and that has the option to attach files. I agree with you that buyers may not like waiting to get unwatermarked work, though.