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Can I get an order with 3.7🌟?

I got my first order after 2 months and I delivered quality work and buyer was very much impressed. His rating said I did amazing work, I’m easy to work with and I’m friendly, yet he gave me 3.7 star and it’s my first job on Fiverr. That hurt me very much. So unfair. Why would anyone just want to ruin someone like that? I can’t even send buyer requests anymore. Can I get another order with that rating? Will it affect my work history and how new buyers will perceive my profile? Or should I just give up and leave Fiverr because I fear I won’t get orders anymore. This is heartbreaking


Quitters never win. Winners never quit.


Thanks but nobody seems to have an answer to my question.


That sucks. If you really did good work then I think this is a new Buyer leaving a ‘fair’ review. The problem is new buyers not understanding that anything under 4.7 is very bad.

Anyway, my advice is to start your fiver profile again. Close your current account. Then set up a new account. This is an opportunity for you to make the best profile you can from the start.

The truth is I don’t think anyone will buy from a 3.7. I wouldn’t.

Sorry, I know it’s tough waiting for your first sale and then this happens. So like I say, try to see it as an opportunity to build a better profile.


Yes, you can still get an order. Of course, you can imagine that a buyer would choose someone with higher reviews than yours. But if you don’t give up, someone might choose your services, hopefully leave positive reviews that will increase your overall average. It happens! Don’t give up just because of a bad review. And also, ask yourself why the buyer left such a review and analyze ways so you could improve your service :slight_smile:


It truly sucks. Considering how he praised my work so much and I delivered much earlier, I didn’t see this coming at all. It’s heartbreaking. Anything below 4.7 for a new seller really sucks.

I can’t think of anything I did wrong. I communicated well and delivered on time. I even gave extra feedback. I’m very sure I didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t think anyone will hire me now

In a war of minds, you have lost.

Success = 99% mindset + 1% luck.

Hurry up! * having a short time effect try to provide a qualified work! That’s great!

That is not exactly what the review said:

Belynda beta read my novel. She provided feedback and was happy to answer follow-up questions. She’s a friendly person and easy to talk with.

This is not a review from a new buyer.

It takes time and effort to build a Fiverr business.

Check out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait! to continue building your business.


I don’t wish to be harsh, but really is your mindset that of a victor, or a victim?

Refer to my first point, it’s all in the head: people are either determined to succeed, or they’re not.

Winners don’t quit. Quitters don’t win.

Are you going to let this one review beat you to the ground and quit before you even get started, or are you going to get up; crack on, and build something brilliant for yourself?

His rating said I did amazing work


Belynda beta read my novel. She provided feedback and was happy to answer follow-up questions. She’s a friendly person and easy to talk with.

You need to be more honest with yourself, what could possibly warrant giving such a low score?

If you can’t think of any way in which your product / service could be improved then you’re certainly showing signs of over-confidence in your abilities.

@lloydsolutions is right, as is very often the case, it takes time and effort.

Hell, I should know, I opened my account years ago, not even posted a gig yet as I don’t have all I need in terms of tools or training yet. Every day I read, every day I learn and it’s a common thing to see folks fail here, much more common than the success stories.

The difference: determination and patience: it’s a long-game, a marathon, never a sprint and if you try to sprint you’re going to burn out fast.


Very funny but helpful. Thanks

He commemded my work after delivery in our chat. That’s what I meant. But thanks. I’ll read up.

I was just taken aback. Didn’t see that coming. I think I fell into a shocking state. But then, I just needed to know if I could possibly be hired again and I am seeing it’s possible. So, I’ll just go retrace my steps. Thank you


Sell your service withing your network with good review. then average rating will be good.

Of course you can, it’s very possible!

hello I am also a new seller on fiverr, from the experience I went through and read a lot of forums,

these are my tips for you,

make sure before you receive an order from a prospective client, first look at their profile, there you can see if he is a seller too, a buyer who just joined on fiverr, or an old customer on fiverr,

I am afraid that your client is a salesperson just like you and offers the same service. until here maybe you understand what it means.

Oh, poor me. I didn’t check his profile for such details. But thank you. I’ll keep this in mind. It sure is helpful. It’ll give me an insight on how to approach them.

I do understand what it means for sure.

well, i can’t say on here, but im sure you will find the answer easier if you can take your time for more reading forum :slight_smile: