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Can I get an order with 3.7🌟?

It is very shocking when you get 3.7 from buyer. actually buyer not understanding how 5 star rating impact seller profile. they write praise on writing section and they give us 3.7 which is very bad. now you need to wait 60 days and try to increase your skill.

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The client is a buyer only.


I’m on Fiverr looking for beta readers for my novel.

Yeah. It’s really shocking. They really don’t know the impact of a positive rating on a seller profile. 60 whole days?! Gosh!!!

You need to get four 5* reviews to bring your average back to 4.7

I think it will be quicker to start again.

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Oh, dear Lord! As hard as it’d be to even get an order at this point? I’d better deactivate and start again. But I’ll wait for the money paid to pass the clearance first or else I loose my money too. Thanks a lot for this insight. Hope Fiverr will not shut down my next account if I deactivate this one first before opening another.

Check this out: for further information.

Why would anyone just want to ruin someone like that?

Some buyers simply don’t know that anything less than 5* is considered below average on Fiverr. In almost every other situation, a 3.7 out of 5 stars is nothing to be ashamed of. It equals a 7.4/10, when I was in school, I’d kill to get a grade like that for my math test.
But due to the crazy 5*-mentality and skewed ratings on Fiverr, it negatively impacts sellers. The only thing you can do is accept it and move on.


Dont automatically assume that no one will hire you anymore. Some people also look at the content of a review, and if the buyer seemed happy, and your prices are okay, then someone might be willing to hire you anyway.
In fact, I wouldn’t automatically assume a 5* rating means a good seller. Even bad sellers sometimes get 5* reviews, so what does it really mean?

Wow!!! Thanks for this. Gave me a great insight. I wouldn’t want to make any more mistakes. Now I don’t even know what next to do. But thanks. I’ll keep that article very close.

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Thank you. I appreciate this. I guess I’ll just take your advice. It seems the best, for now.

Very true. I hope the next potential buyer sees beyond ratings. Thanks

Did you mark up the document for the client as I showed you, Belynda…? If not, this will account for the low rating. All kinds of editing (including beta reads) can bring very savvy clients on Fiverr, and they know that good editors use the full version of Word with Track Changes function enabled and used fully.

So, when beta reading, if you did not use Track Changes and mark up your comments and observations in that same style as I showed you, then he was probably recognizing you were new at it. Whichever branch of editing you venture into, having the right tools is a must. The clients often know what to look for.

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The client’s instruction was that I should work on it strictly as a beta reader and not as a proofreader or editor. He didn’t even want that. It was an 87k worded book. The main focus was on the storyline. It was not his final manuscript. He said I should just read and he sent already outlined 14 survey questions relating to the book which contained spoilers. I was not the only freelancer he hired for the same purpose as he wanted different opinions, which was given. The instruction was very clear and I did exactly as I was told. That’s why I was taken aback.

I was not suggesting you were hired as an editor or proofreader but beta reading still uses the markup system. This is the way you can best mark up the portions you are referring to, making it very precise, and then you make your comments about the read in the margin as you would when editing.

It is the only simple way to discuss observations in depth especially on a mega long book. Much easier for a client to scroll through and see red lines going directly to the bits the comments pertain to, than having to read separate notes and match it all up.

Whether a client expects you to use track changes can vary but if he commissions these often, he’ll certainly be familiar with the system of marking up and margin commentary. If he marked you down so much, I suspect it’s that.

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I firmly believe you shouldn’t run away from this negative experience, but think about what could have gone wrong. There may be a thousand reasons for a buyer to give an average rating. But I don’t think you should dwell on these reasons.

You could work on what happened, improve your workflow and create an even more detailed beta worksheet.
There are many ways to rebuild your profile after this review: improve your communication, your workflow, your tools.
About the idea of starting over with a new account: what would you do if the next buyer decides to give you 3.7 or 4 stars? Would you create another account over and over again?
You have the needed skills to improve yourself. You can do it! :slight_smile:

Last thing: follow @anniejenkinson advice. She really nailed it.


You’re probably right then.

Nice. You’re right. What if the next buyer on the next account does same? You’re right. I’ll take my time and rebuild my profile and gigs. Maybe because I wasn’t so experienced but thankfully I have a better idea of how things work now. Thanks a lot

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Be strong, keep moving :heart:

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