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Can I get back my money? Sorry I am newbie

I have ordered one seller a portrait for my friend, only the face, the seller asked us to take $ 10 for it and we agree. But the picture is not look like my friend’s photo more, and the worst thing is the seller has the attitude mocked me!

I said: "I think $ 10 is too expensive, the final product looks less detailed and not like real people. How to get money back?"

Seller said: "The ink-dot style don’t make you look younger :slight_smile: If you want to refund, you just ask and we can have a mutual cancellation. Well, I think now is late :slight_smile: However, thank you for using my service."

I didn’t say I want the picture look YOUNGER, I and my friend just want It look SAME the photo we send.

I feel cheated, very angry, but my friend want to do nothing. What he want now just is get back his money. I send to this seller a request to send back money, to now nothing happen… What should I do?

I know that is not a big money but I need a little justice here. My friend and I are newbies here, maybe we picked the wrong seller we need. Later I knew many other sellers often sell portrait for $ 5, and I think they draw more similar. This seller is level 2!

Am I too fastidious?

Sounds like you chose the wrong person…

However, I read that differencies in taste is not enough for refund. Maybe they are not so good artists but who is for $10 when professionals may take $500 or more… Usually lot more for detailed realistic portraits since they take a lot of time. but if your picture looked very different from the style you saw in the seller’s portfolio, not looking like it was made by the same person at all, or they promised more than they delivered, we might be dealing with an art theft (who is using someone else’s pictures in the gig portfolio to look better than they are) you might know how easy it is to take pic off google or… many sellers in fiverr has the same pictures you have in your gigs.

Then you should reach out to the customer service and explain maybe they can help.

Most sellers are frightened of getting negative feedback, so if you advise the buyer you’ll have to leave it if they don’t refund you, they might back down.

If your work was delivered within the last 3 days, you’ll still have the option of mutually cancelling.

yep I don’t know the rules but you can try cancellation…though the seller says it’s too late,if it’s not been 3 days since the delivery…like Sara said you can try…

that’s the reason I am rather backing away from drawing profiles…human faces are quite difficult to draw

honestly, for 10 dollars quality shouldn’t be expected.

quality takes time, often hours or days.

the artist is getting less than 10 dollars for something he probably worked on for a few hours. that’s less than minimum wage.

just throwing that into perspective.

Seller agreed with my friend a price of $ 10 for a details artwork, he called it a special order. On “gig” title he only took $ 5 for a portrait.

This is the first time we ordered on Fiverr, maybe this is our error in not understand how to use. But we have to believe the seller and he needs to be responsible with it. I submitted a claim for refund when he is online, completely silent! Today I sent a request to the other, hope if he is can not refundable, please draw another picture exactly what he agreed.

The money is not big, okay, with somebody, but people should respect the agreement and responsible for the job. At least he should answer me instead of silence.

What I can say with the customer service? Sellers understand the rules than me. He said “late” to me and laugh, he knew he’s okay.

Also, I saw pictures he painted for me not the same style with the picture in the “gig” of him. Or am I mistaken?

Can see pictures here

He is online now, and silent =))

For me its look like you try to order order BMW with coffee money. The fact that someone provide drawing work for such low price mean that its just a kid who learn. You must understand that quality is based on what you paid. It’s not realistic to find someone who will drawing for such low price. The fact that you not appreciated seller time and request your 10$ refund look very unprofessional.

Like byer i never ask for refund when i order 5$ gig and i never write negative feedback. I know that i have what i paid. I will not be rich if i refund my 5$ and i appreciate seller time.

Like designer my price for one portrait like this is 100$ but based on quality can go to 250$ , and believe me i have a lot of buyers who request artwork from me.

Just remember that you have what you paid and not try to have the moon for 5$ or 10$!

I checked out the link you provided, but it’s difficult to determine because you did not provide the picture that he used for the portrait so there’s no basis for comparison. I will note that I am surprised at how many “artists” on this site are actually using computer filters to create supposively hand drawn work. I am NOT accusing the seller of doing that unless he specifically has said that he does all his work by hand . Judging by the portrait he did for you it appears to be a scan that has been run through a filter. I cannot be sure of this but I am very familiar with a lot of the photo edit apps and this looks like a poor photo edit option that allows photos to be filtered to look like a variety of traditional medium, in this case probably graphite or charcoal. Depending on the intensity that was selected, details can either be magnified or lost altogether. It appears that he put the intensity level too low and lost a lot of the detail that would have made it more of a likeness. The fact that he did not offer to redo the work or put a little more work into the portrait he already did is unfortunate. an artist can provide quality work in less than 10 minutes though it may not be as detailed or finished looking as a portrait that took several hours. the fact that he mocked you displays a cockiness and disrespect that could turn away future buyers. I would pursue this on principle alone. I am a traditional artist and feel that it is hard enough to compete with cgi being passed off as hand-drawn work. I have barely started filling in my profile and already wonder if this is the right place for me because of that. Fortunately, I came here mainly to do other types of gigs but still find it sad that there is such an obvious disadvantage to traditional artists. when I checked out his gig I noted that he is very unclear on pricing. I can’t figure out where the extra $5 comes in as this portrait is about as bare-bones as you can get. Adding color or a background are examples of added work but this appears to have nothing that would call for the upcharge. In fact, he clearly states that he charges each case indivisually so that could be a shady way of sizing up buyers to overprice. I am attaching a photo that I ran through a filter at low intensity. You be the judge. Its a free app, by the way.

It doesn’t look like a scan that went through a digital filter. I’m both a traditional artist and a digital artist as well and that’s my opinion. The eyes look unbalanced to me which I don’t think the actual photograph would have had. Can’t be 100% sure since I don’t know what the actual photo looks like but it seems to me that this seller didn’t use any filters. I’m not saying they did the drawing by hand either since you can also do digital dot art without filters…

By the way, fiverr automatically adds “for $5” at the end of your gig, so that’s supposed to be the base price. If you want better quality or more options etc, you will need to pay for it. This style called stippling takes a lot of time and a good stippling artwork is worth much more than $5, I assure you.

If the seller agreed to do it for $10 and agreed to what the quality would be, then I disagree with the ones who said you’re expecting too much. If someone agrees to work for a wage, it’s on them to complete it. If someone hires me for a job, and I accept it, I don’t have the option of not doing the work and coming back on the buyer for more money. An agreement is an agreement. I suggest trying a mutual cancellation and insisting that the quality isn’t what you agreed to.

By the way, that is the exact same image just run through a filter.

LOL I should have read the post with the image…the post says it was an image run through the filter…my mistake for not reading the whole thing.

Reply to @soggytees: Most sellers increase the price with increased complexity or quality of work but you’re right in that if the quality and price was agreed on then the seller should deliver what was agreed. No doubts about that.

Reply to @kozakura: For sure! And I’m a firm believer that a person should charge what they feel their work is worth and get paid fairly. I think we’re definitely in agreement on both points. :slight_smile:

Reply to @soggytees: Well I don’t know about that. I always let my buyers know what I think the work is worth and let them know my prices are open to negotiation and I’d be happy to lower it if their budget is tight, but even then a lot of them don’t reply after that. They’re just looking for the cheapest seller.

Reply to @soggytees: But I am glad that as a buyer you share this viewpoint.

I see some people think I require more than the amount I spent, I think that misunderstand what actually happened. I do not know how much more/less for a painting, nothing to compare, We don’t know much about art price . We only made one request: draw a portrait for us, according to style like you posted on your GIG, please.

Seller offering price of $ 10, ok I and my friend paid them $ 10. I do not know $ 10 is more or less, I just know it is the price seller suggest to supply picture I request, it is an AGREEMENT. When I get the picture unlike SUCH AGREEMENT, I get a response like: you put too little money, you ask too much blah blah … But I do not ask for anything more than what the first and only one thing I need when started order!

Yesterday, the seller contacted me to suggest a new order with the same price, he again promised to provide the correct picture with my request and advertise his new style. I do not know it means that I will get exactly what we need or ultimately only a “relative value for $ 10” (smile) I feel a lack of trust.

@ bizzybeeme: You’re very kind, really really nice, I do not know how to use words to thank you. But this is dependent on my friend, now he likes a style of other seller on Fiverr… We are referencing using to not make mistakes again.

The seller know more than the buyer about the prices. Why did they not tell the REAL prices before the order start? Buyer lost more time to wait to the end for getting a disappointed product with the explanation: Your money is only enough to get it, want more? Add more!

That is not a righteous sales attitudes, I think that.

Reply to @andrew202: I agree. Once the seller has quoted a price and the buyer has agreed on it for a certain style and quality then the seller must deliver. I’m talking about if the buyer didn’t want to pay what the seller quoted but in your case this is not so. The seller quoted a price so they can’t say midway through after the order was placed and the agreement made that you need to pay more for quality, that’s inappropriate in my opinion. Everything should be stated upfront and the seller should deliver what was agreed.