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Can i get back to Normal Position?

Being a level One seller I lost all the chances, Gigs deranked, No message, No order from the last 15 to 16 days, but still expected for coming back to normal position. How many of you are in the same situation?

Welcome to fiverr. It happens all the time .

Considering there are thousands of new Fiverr members weekly, it would only make sense to expect your Gig to move around.

Get used to it.

I know it is crazy concept but I decided (we shall see how long will I keep it up) to record how many sellers we have daily in logo category.
Yesterday 133894 new sellers
Today 133474 new sellers (420 sellers removed from the platform, either they deleted GIG in logo category or Fiverr removed them).

It happens to people when they get Level 2, TRS and PRO even.

You need to have a strategy and plan, just Fiverr alone and tags keywords is not going to cut it.

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Very interesting and not such a bad piece of research. Well done!

It is part of my new year resolution, to be more active on social media, I am actually recording videos for my YT about Fiverr (that is the plan). I still have to learn to love my voice.

And for @iftikharali0758 check this topic out, the rotation is hurting a lot of sellers.

And regarding search results, Fiverr filters are only sorting, not selecting and eliminating, so when someone is searching for PRO sellers, after 3 pages there could be your GIG.