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Can I get BANNED For this?

This might sound a bit weird but I have over 14 reviews right but most of them are from the same buyer…
For example, I have like 7 reviews from the same buyer and I have another 2 reviews with from another buyer and the rest are from different buyers.
I get it that you can have repeating clients but I feel like whenever you got through my reviews it looks a bit sketchy at first.


Hey there,

Nope, not at all.

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Don’t worry.
You will not get banned😇
Keep fiverring😇

Hi Realdazz,

Getting reviews from a same buyer isn’t an issue. You won’t get banned. Repeating buyers are worthy and never miss them.


It’s probably okay I think. Fiverr used to have a badge or something for those with a high percentage of repeat clients.

Fiverr are more likely to take action if you were to review that buyers gigs a lot (eg. if 2 people kept reviewing each other’s gigs) as that would seem like some sort of review exchange.


Alright, thanks for helping!

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