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Can I get banned if

I use my phone 4G and my internet box ?
I have to switch with my 4G because my internet connexion at home is really bad and i know there are some issues about getting a ban for changing IP


Honestly, I don’t think it can be a problem - I travel a lot and use internet in different places, so it’s different IP addresses. And I have never faced any problems.

Even if Fiverr will do any actions about it, I can prove the normal reason of it with tickets, hotel booking and other. And you can explain it as well.

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Okay, just wanted to make sure it’s not gonna be a problem, because I know we can get banned for absolutly any reason

If you get a restriction and you are sure, that there is “no reason” for this (but I don’t know anyone, who was blocked or who had any problems with Fiverr for no reason), you can always contact CS team and explain what happened. Of course, Fiverr has it’s own algorythms and probably sometimes it can make mistakes, but CS always helps

I’ve never heard about this problem. Also even if you switch between 4G and WiFi, your IP address still shows your approximate location. Perhaps you can get a ban if you today your IP shows you are in USA, then England, then China, which would mean you are using a VPN and it would be questionable, why would someone use VPN to fake their location on fiverr.
But for your question, the answer is no. Not any problem. You can use fiverr on your phone, PC, tablet all at the same time, wifi, 4g etc.

Idk, I often read horrors in this forum about bans, so I just wanted to make sure.