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Can i get buyers with a 4 hour response time?

I have had one 5 star order completed but I got a new message from a potential buyer which I didn’t reply on time and when i did he then blocked me now I have 4-hour response time, can I get an offer with that?
he just asked about the video he didn’t place an order, and he blocked me probably for the late reply


If that’s why he blocked you he’s a controlling jerk and good riddance. I imagine there is probably another explanation.

In any case there is no such thing as “on time”. You’re allowed to have a life and anyone who is mad that you do is not worth working with. Don’t fret about and appease people who are unreasonable.


Thank you!! For your reply it was really helpful to me, I’ll move on with my work.
It really hurt me.
Hopefully I’ll get better offers in the future

A 4 hour response time isn’t bad. Don’t worry about it.

Look at this way. The average human being needs about 8 hours sleep every 24 hours.

Imagine if a message came through the moment you went to sleep, and you replied the moment you woke up - that would be an 8 hour response time.

So, 4 hours is actually good.

As @humanissocial has said, you’re allowed a life. In fact, for once, I would go a step further and say as a freelancer, it is vital that you do have a life - and part of that is not stressing about response times.

You can’t be glued to Fiverr 24 hours a day. If you are, you will become ill very quickly.

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I think an issue is if in every gig you say something like “I will do x in 5 hours” that will likely get the buyers who want something done a lot quicker than a normal gig which normally has at least a 24 hour delivery and they might want responses a lot quicker than normal probably. Taking the “in 5 hours” off each title might help get more patient buyers maybe.