Can I get help? I am new


Hi mate,
I am Tania and am new on fiverr. So, Can I get any help on how to start selling?


This question has already been answered in countless other posts.
Browse the forum before asking or even better, visit the Fiverr Academy.


image Below are 2 links :slightly_smiling_face:

Here are two links that will help you. Be sure to read the ToS to know what you can and cannot do on Fiverr.


It was Fiverr Academy when I started in July. Now it is the “Selling on Fiverr” link at the bottom of the main age. Happy New Year Mario! :tada:


Thanks for the heads up and a Happy New Year to you too.


Thanks a lot…
Happy New Year…


Please visit fiverr academy before posting questions. I hope you will get better solutions because already many sellers post this same questions.