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Can I get level 2 directly?

Hello, I am currently at new seller on fiverr. I was to be promoted to level one 2 months before but my order completion rate was at 89 so I couldn’t be promoted. And then last month I didn’t had any order so my completion rate was still 89. This month I got quite better sales and now I have completed all my requirements for level 2 seller. 120 days, 50 orders, 2000 earning and all other requirements are also okay. My question is, will I promoted directly to level 2 seller on this evaluation or first I will get level 1 and then next month I will move to level 2?? I am confused

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you get level 2 seller finally

No you will not.
If you read the list the requirements for level 2 one of the requirements is to complete certain amount of days as level one seller.

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No, they won’t. You get promoted one level if the stats are all green on evaluation day. If you’re level 0, you get level 1, if level 1, you get level 2, if level 2 you get the possibility of TRS (TRS is never guaranteed).

You will NEVER jump more than 1 level per evaluation day, no matter the stats.

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This information is very helpful for me. thanks a lot