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Can I get lots of sales here? [Sells Corrected by OP]


Can I get lots of sales here?
Can you share your experience with me?
I’m new here. Please visit my profile and then give me the solutions.
Thank you so much. Waiting for your great response.


Nah, I don’t think you can get “lots of sells” here.

You are starting off on the wrong foot right off the bat which is an indication you will most likely do poorly, and return for more “solutions” handouts.


I agree with @frank_d. Sellers who make “lots of sells” here start off on the right foot so they can do well.


Can you share the right way? Please!


There are dozens of amazing posts here, but you won’t even use the search bar.

Also, did you even try the Fiverr academy?


The possibilities are endless on Fiverr. In fact, anywhere for that matter. It really depends on how much effort & work you’re willing to put in. Remember this is your freelance business, so it’s up to you on how far you want to to go. The Sky is the limit!

My experience and other Sellers differ, we’re in different categories, different clientele etc. So, what works for me, may not work for you. Overall: My experience has been a rollercoaster :roller_coaster: ride.

Welcome to Fiverr & the community! :tada:

As Frank suggested use the :mag_right: search feature, you’ll find a plethora of information on a variety of subjects. Bookmark the Seller Help & Education Center it’s your newest BFF! You just joined this month so give it time, sales will not appear overnight.

You’re welcome! :pineapple:


Tell me if you know how to order more and more


Yes that’s easy. You just find a gig you like and keep pressing on the purchase now button.

That way you will keep ordering!


Sorry to tell you this Frank, but the Fiverr Academy is no more. That is what it was called when I joined last July, however, now it is called the “Seller Help Center.” See @nikavoice’s post.


Thanks for the heads up!

I liked the old name better.


But the “Seller Help Center” may explain the purpose better. :thinking:


No, I doubt it.

I looked at your profile. You have a fake picture. You are faking your real location. Many buyers know these tricks and are angry with Fiverr about this sort of thing.

In my experience, real skill and honesty helps you get some sales (not sells). From there, it depends on you.


just out of curiosity, how did you know she was faking her real location ?.


This marketplace didn’t accept fake picture. I thought you know about :roll_eyes: that but I’m wrong. :yum: Why should you use this quality image here? Do you have your own image? :upside_down_face:
Anyway, before joining here they verified me.


One thing is anyone can do a google search and find where the image came from. Just right-click on an image and learn where it came from.

The other thing is people from the location she says she is from do not use the term “sells” we say “sales.” Oh, I see the OP changed the title of the thread so anyone who comments on her (?) using the term “sells” will appear to be incorrect. :thinking:

Many sellers use VPN’s to fake their location . . .until Fiverr catches them at it. Then they get banned. :open_mouth:


thanks vickie, nice picture

:slight_smile: not every who is living in english speaking country is good in writing or spelling, lot of people make spelling mistakes.

It may cast a doubt but no one except someone in technical who can check the ip will know the real location, if it is vpn or a proxy or anything else.

I thought may be there was something i didn’t know how to find real location here on fiverr. I thought it would help if a buyer was fake, atleast will save me a negative review from a old buyer looking for revenge.


I agree with you. This marketplace didn’t accept fake picture.


I used my real image. Recent I was joined here. They verified to me. I wrote so first, for this purpose I did some mistakes. Sorry, for that. Thanks again.


there are lot of seo forums that have wordpress development as sections, you could advice people directly on wordpress forum, other big forums as well and have a link in your profile to your fiverr profile.

showcase your work on stumbleupon, facebook, reddit

Helpful advice people generally appreciate and some will ask for more than you can pitch them your packages.

Good work, help never goes in vain.

What goes around comes around.


There are tons of fake pictures on Fiverr, unfortunately. They don’t want you to use them and it can affect your sales, but they exist. Fiverr verification does not do much for you, as many banned sellers could tell you if they weren’t banned.

Yes, I have my own image. Since I am a moderator on the Fiverr official forum, staff is aware that it is my image and they also know exactly where I am. Of course, I didn’t a question about sales here, you did, so my image and location are not any of your business. Thanks for mentioning that my image is quality, it really isn’t, it’s just a selfie I took in my living room.

Since you don’t want to discuss the truth, I am done with you. The Fiverr Trust and Safety department can look into things further. I don’t see any point in trying to advise someone who doesn’t want it.