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Can I get my balance refunded to my PayPal if I terminate the Fiverr account?


Based on all the reviews and comments I found that when seller not delivering on the project customer gets punished with:

  • transaction fee not refunded
  • difficulty to transfer the money back to liquidity (no transfer back button)
  • possible fees on the transfer to PayPal or CC
  • inability to use that refund to partially pay for the new gig (gig price should be less or equal)

Please correct me if my statement is not true. if it is - this is questionable business model and dos not benefit neither customer nor seller. Here is the question:

What will happen to the balance if I just close the account with Fiverr?


To be fair, the transaction fee was added without much (if anything) in the way of notice.
I remember it appearing. I’d purchased a number of gigs before it started. Two of them were within the same week, and the fee was added very shortly before the second of those two. The first I heard about it was when the order process had gotten to the PayPal payment. Apparently, we are supposed to re-read the ToS every time we make a purchase here?


Thank you for your reply kjblynx, but this is not how the store policy works (if you want to use that example)… you get the store credit only when you are not satisfied or do not have the receipt. When you buy a bag of ice and pay for the bag of ice and find out that store cannot give you bag of ice you get your money back (CC/cash/PayPal) not a store credit. They will not tell sorry we charge you 3% + 15cent credit card transaction fee that will not be refunded.
How is using refunded money as part of the payment aids the fraud? why someone who hijacks the account cannot transfer exact ammount for the fake gig… I think this one is just another trick to tie more money in Fiverr.
if gift card go missing you can only blame yourself, in this situation the only mistake I’ve made is signed up for the service with Fiverr.

The question stands:
What will happen to the balance if I just close the account with Fiverr?


The only way to find out is to get in touch with customer support and tell them you would like to terminate your account.


Here are 2 questions:

  • can I refund it if I become a seller?
  • is it legal in US to keep the money hostage by marketplace after seller agreed to cancel transaction and refunded my money?

kjblynx are you working for Fiverr?


So what you are saying your answers are not official Fiver’s answers.


Bingo! We have a winner.

I’m going to take a leap here and guess this whole refund complaint is over $5.

Your best bet is to harass the actual company, not its users. Head over to Customer Support, bud.


thank you annai80 and glitchfool. Here is official answer from customer service:
Lauren (Fiverr Customer Support)
Jun 13, 6:52 PM EDT

Hi there,

I went ahead and refunded your shopping balance back to your payment provider. Just a reminder that’s mentioned in our Terms of Service, Fiverr limits the amount of deposit refunds to payment providers. However, I can completely understand you wanting to get the funds back due to the large amount of the order. If you do need help in the future again, please let us know!

Lauren | Fiverr Customer Support