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Can i get my first order without any ratings?

I have a doubt that how can I get the first order if there are no ratings on my profile. Because there are many other people who give the same service and also their profile contains good ratings so anybody can help me out in this situation and can give a suggestion?


Of course you can get orders without any ratings. Every seller starts from scratch.


Yes you can get your first order without any reviews, the best option for that is to send the relevant buyer request and you have a higher chances of getting order with reviews as well share your gig to the social media with a link which a fiverr provided

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yes. hope you get your first soon


I’m sorry to hear that. You should open new post here on the forum with your problem.
Because this OP it’s not of your.

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This the second of your posts that I have moved to the “My Fiverr Gigs” category. It is against the Forum rules to post links to your gig anywhere else. Otherwise, your post could be taken down by a moderator.

Don’t use someone else’s topic to ask your question.

Talk to CS. This buyer is trying to scam you.

yes, sir, I agree with your opinion