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Can I get my first sale from friend?

can i get my first sale from my friend and hand him back the money ?

No you can not. That’s review manipulation which is against fiverr TOS


Don’t do it. Trying and you will get sale soon.

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don’t do it for reviews and sale otherwise your fiverr account will be banned.

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Asking such a question on the forums is stupid enough, don’t be more stupid and do such a thing, it is sure to get your account suspended.

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No, you cannot do that.
It may seem as good idea at first, but it is completely against the Terms of Service.
If your friends buy your Gig just for you to improve your position on searches then your account will be terminated.

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No, don’t do this. It is violation of fiverr TOS.

You’re asking us if you can commit fraud - what do you think?