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Can i Get my Fiverr Level 2 Seller Batch Back....?

I was the level 2 seller on and was going soon to become Top Rated Seller then one days one of the chlient asked for me for the direct payment .And i started chating related to atlhough i was not agreed on direct payment.Just for giving him answer i had used word “Payment” and within next day when i login i see my level batch disapper.I contacted to fiverr to inquire about my batch .But sadly they replied me that i have to worked from start to get batch again…Then i re did many oder but have not get batch back.

You my advise to you to never Use word Payment in you chat.

No! now you have to work from start as the cs told you! goodluck!

I completed the given target again But m not be issued batch Again

There must have been a misunderstaning in your communication. You can use certain words in your messages which will get marked in red. However, if you do get caught trying to take business outside of Fiverr for example this is where the trouble begins. I frequently use words such as payment or PayPal in my messages if I have to explain the Fiverr process to new buyers and never had an issue. Make sure to read the Fiverr TOS and you have nothing to fear. Best of luck!!! I am sure your badge will be back up in no time.

Context is king. I use words like email, payment etc all the time and get the red message of doom, but anyone investigating will see that I’m discussing a business website or something related to the gig, rather than craftily taking business away. If you weren’t trying to do this, then it does seem like an error–but can you argue the case? If you have regular clients then it will not take long to get your levels back. Just remember, whenever someone says something about “let’s talk about this on Skype” or something, firmly tell them no, and remind them it is a violation of TOS. That way, anyone checking will see immediately that there is no cause to penalize you.

Just rinse and repeat what you did before and you will level back up in no time.

I think there is more to your story than the use of prohibited word “payment”, because I have used it several times and when i see red, i knew its a warning to be careful what you discuss. If changing the word is appropriate for my conversation with a customer, I will if not I let it pass. But don’t go against fiverr tos. Best wishes on your quest for badge 2.

Try and message cs back and tell them you’ve meet the criteria again for level 2 and see what happens.