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Can I get my money from paypal after withdrawn from fiverr account?


Hi i have withdrawn my money from my seller account and accidentally my paypal account is blocked so can I request fiverr to get back my money from my paypal account? Any information on this would be helpful.


Once the withdrawal is successful and money successfully went into your PayPal account, Fiverr has no role in this case scenario. You have to contact PayPal for further information. If your PayPal account banned and Fiverr sent the money on a banned account, it will automatically get reversed into your account within 24 hours.

But what I advise you to contact Fiverr CS and follow their instructions. They will help you in every possible way.


Thank you for your information.


This is not true. PayPal don’t accept cash flow from outside to a banned account. the case maybe that account you used to withdraw money form fiverr has been limited for a reason. On that case paypal accepts money in(s) to that account but not out(s) (withdrawals to bank account or whatever) and those funds will not rollback to your fiverr account, they’ll remains under paypal balance. the only way to access those funds is you have to contact paypal CS and figure out a way to remove the limitation on your paypal account. (There will be a verification process depending on the limitation of the account). So you can withdraw money from paypal or spend those money to order online.


That is exactly what I said. If the account is banned, it will be reversed into his account.
If the receiver address is not valid, the money will be sent back to the sender. What you are I am saying is the same thing.


No we both saying totally different things.

Even for the amount to be refunded, the money should transferred to the account. but if an account is banned, no one can’t send money to that paypal account. unless it’s just a limitation. banned means there is no such account. If someone try to send money to a banned account simply they will get a message like “This paypal account does not exists” or something similler. and the sender will not be charged. In this case if someone try to withdraw money to banned account, there will be the same like message decorated by fiverr developers. :slightly_smiling_face:

In this case, the withdrawal is successfull means that account is not banned. just a limitation.


I saw that the @forest99 is from Bangladesh. As you already might know, paypal withdrawal is not supported by paypal accounts created in Bangladesh up to today. So if you used a paypal account for your withdrwal means you created an account using flag of another country like Philippines, Malaysia or Singapore. Those type of accounts are vulnerable to be restrict / limit or permanently banned. I think you already get limited with the information you provided. If i was right there should be a warning message / alert on your paypal account when you log into it. If that’s the case you’ll not be able to get your money until you prove you are from the country you used to create the account with your proof of address or identity. Most of the time those money will stuck on those account permanently.

My advise is to use payoneer instead of paypal because payoneer is fully supported for many countries ( I think including Bangladesh ). There is a $3 service fee for a single withdrawal but that’s fine. because you’re not doing anything illegal. Do not use illegal ways to work with your money in anyways even those services are free. I mean paypal is a legit as everyone knows but if you use it in a bad way. that will not be legit. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah thanks for the tips and yes paypal not available in Bangladesh and I will contact with paypal cs to get back the money and i have a chance to verify the account. the account is limited and needs information to verify.


That’s fine. Good Luck!