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Can I get negative review from Automatically Order Cancellation?

Hey guys.

This is what happened.

My buyer cancelled an order while I was not around.

After 2 days it cancelled by itself BUT the email sent to me with a title was.

Fiverr: Order FO7461DA5A47 was cancelled - late delivery

I was wondering if he can give me a bad review from that o_O…I mean the money was refunded to him…and it was nowhere near the order deadline…I’m not sure why the title have “late delivery” in there.

Have anyone been thru this before? If so please tell me what happened to your order afterward.

Best regars

Bao Anh Le

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Even I m facing the same issue, my two old orders was automatically cancelled by Fiverr team.i don’t know why they are doing it. When I got good reviews from buyer as well.

Wow, you really had to dig up a 4 year old forum post now, didn’t you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah actually the thing is Fiverr support should improve their cancellation policy

Hmm. I think you need to report your case to Fiverr. Because one bad review makes the gig miserable. I hope your issue gets resolve soon. Good luck.