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Can I get order from my direct clients on fiver?

Hi all!
I’m Programmer with 6+ years of experience in Software and web development. I’ve YouTube channel and thousands of subscribers accros the world. Mostly these subscribers or viewers watching my YouTube video, want to get my softwares or services for their project. I want to know can I ask them to order me on fiverr or share my gig, so that they can easily order and pay me on fiverr.

Does this is correct or allowed according to Fiverr policies, please guide me in this regard.

Thanking you in advance.

Bringing up customers to your fiverr account is alright unless you have pre arranged settlement for reviews or ratings !


Here you said your customers will be students and offering any academic work or helping / doing academic work on behalf is against fiverr policy.

So what you are asking is not allowed and is against TOS and you might get warning or get permanently ban on fiverr for this !


Student means they are not student of college or university, they are student or subscriber of my channel, mostly they ask me to solve errors in their software. Moreover mostly anonymous viewer of my video contact me to develop software for their requirement. Is it allowed or not?

Yes thats alright !..

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Thank you so much for your time and valuable feedback

Yes you can brother, If the client visit your fiverr gig and if he/she thought that you are eligible for this work, They can direct order also otherwise they can discuss about Their project details.