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Can I get refund for a Gig extra that wasn't fulfilled (1 day delivery)?

I paid 50$ extra for 1 day delivery but took 3 days to complete. Can I get a refund for the 50$?

I would suggest contacting Customer Support to ask. I don’t know of any way for a seller to give you a partial refund. CS might have some method or some suggestion, however.

You should get a refund for the whole order. If the seller delivered after the delivery date, that’s a bad thing anyway. You can’t do partials but you can request a refund for sure. Contact Customer support, or if this was just finished, I think you can request a full refund on the order. The seller will probably try to refuse, but then just contact Customer support. that is really ridiculous to pay $50 for one day delivery and not get it for 3 days.

I know this is long so I apologize in advance.

Thank you for your responses! To clarify, I wasn’t happy with the end product because the work was not done well. I paid 20$ dollars (in addition to the 50$ for 24 hour delivery). The order was for an edit of an email/letter to a college administrator regarding prerequisites, and it was horribly rewritten. I had already written the letter, I just needed help editing it. I would be embarrassed to email the seller’s edited letter. The document might pass spell/grammar check, but almost every sentence had bad grammar, strange word choices and incoherent sentences. It was so difficult to read that I had to take a break reading thorough the horrible mess. Here is one of the numerous errors: “Consequently, I sort for an immediate reference from the university catalog.” Here is another example: “However, I chose such a combination because I felt that it was more directly applicable to medicine and also more interesting than I was earlier perceived Organic Chemistry.” The seller advertised to be English speaking, which has to be a lie.

I sent a message to the seller explaining my contentions. I said I would pay 20$ (because I can tell a lot of work went into this revision even though I am not happy with the end product and it’s unusable) but I want a refund for the 50$. I have yet to send a message through the “request modification” option, because I don’t think the seller can write in proper english. I haven’t pressed the “Review and complete order” button- does pressing it limit my options to getting a refund? I also sent a message to customer support. I am still waiting for a response from seller and customer support.

Since the responses to this post seem to imply that a partial refund is not an option, I am not sure what to do. I am worried that by the time I get responses, too much time has passed (it has been 7 hours since the seller completed the order). Under “Here’s your delivery” it says “This order will be marked as complete in 3 days.” What does this mean?

This is my first time using Fiverr. Thanks for your help!

Do keep in mind that on Fiverr you mainly get your refund in the form of credits. I think there might be a way to ask for it to be returned to your payment method but the default is basically store credit.

Try to get the refund for the whole thing

Reply to @sincere18: Here is the one thing that kept me from saying exactly that. If the buyer really likes the end product but is unhappy about the timing, that runs into a problem. If they request a full refund, they no longer have the right to use the product at all unless the seller offers to let them keep it for free.

If a buyer pays $55 for something and the $5 is for the main product, I could see the point in checking to find out some way to let the seller keep five bucks and everyone ends up happy. Granted, many sellers might not agree with me but if I was a buyer in this situation, I would want to find out what my options were. This is one reason I’d love to see it possible for a seller to initiate a partial refund. I think it could result in less complete cancellations in the long run.

Reply to @fonthaunt: ah, the rights issue. That is true, I hadn’t thought of that, thanks for pointing that out.

Best bet it to contact Customer support and see what they do.

Reply to @oceandiscovery:

Did you contact the seller before you ordered the gig? Even someone who says they are in USA does not speak good English and may not have good grammar at all. Contacting them ahead of time gives you a better idea.

I would ask customer support for a total refund. Do not worry about the time frame. Just say, you ordered a gig, you paid for 24 hour delivery and it was delivered late after 3 days which is not acceptable, and in addition the work was horrible and filled with mistakes and completely unusable. Please refund me. Thank you.

When you receive an order you can yourself mark it as accepted and completed, or the system will do it automatically after 3 days. It’s a kind of back end thing, nothing you need to really worry about. If you click modification that will allow the person to give you revises, but with that grammar I would not bother.

And wow, for $70 bucks for this type of service you really got taken for a ride. AS a side note, a rush fee should never be more than double what the actual fee is. That’s just too crazy, even in the real world that’s a hefty rush fee.

Reply to @sincere18: Thanks for your prompt response and helpful suggestions! Yeah- I realize now that “I totally got taken for a ride”. The seller had a lot of previous jobs completed and are a level two–so I got hooked in.

I did contact the seller before and he/she wrote short answers, so I was not able to judge their grammar beforehand. But they did have a long well written description by their profile/gig description (it was probably written/edited by a friend or someone that is an english speaker). I searched their profile pic and it is picture from an advertisement.

I will contact customer service and write what you suggested.

Thanks again!

Reply to @oceandiscovery: For the sake of all buyers and sellers on Fiverr, tell CS about the apparent communication errors and the profile photo. There is too much of this nonsense and if that is what is happened, hopefully they can refund you and weed this sort of thing out a bit at a time.