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Can I get rid of negative review If I don't rate the buyer back?

I just want to ask and see if anyone had faced this problem and what did they do about it !
A week ago I delivered an order to a buyer who was ignorant and not responsive at all. He didn’t accept my order untill it was accepted automaticly after 3 days . He comes to 2 days later and asks for changes and additional work didn’t he didn’t mention in the requirements at first. I told him I can’t currently because I had 3 orders waiting to be finish and that I might do it later . He got anger and I was surprised that he was able to leave a review even after to order was automaticly accepted. No I know for sure his review is negative .
If I don’t give him feedback will his review still be published on my gig ? Thank you.


Yes, it will, and you will be unable to tell your side of the story!

Your initial review is a blind review, and you could give him a simple, “Thank you.” In case he does not give you a negative review.

The next step will be that you will see and be able to respond to his review. Then you can give an appropriate response to his review.


No you can’t. What would be the point of buyers leaving a review if you could just prevent it from showing up? That would be very dishonest and it would make people skeptical of seller credibility. Prospective buyers deserve to see the whole picture, not just what you want them to see. That would be biased. Reviews exist to serve prospective buyers, not sellers.

Instead of trying to find a way to manipulate your reviews, focus on getting great reviews. If you are a great seller, the odd bad review won’t matter.

There is no circumstance that would make this okay.

@vickiespencer As we know, the seller review becomes public immediately after the seller reviews the buyer, but the review of the seller DOES become public after 10 days if the seller hasn’t reviewed the buyer.

If sellers could avoid the review of them being posted, that would be highly unethical and biased.


Thanks guys . I told my side of story and left him the rating he deserves . Now My gig rating is down to 4.9 :frowning:

Yes, the buyer review will be shown on your profile after a few days automatically, even if you don’t give him/her rating.

It appears you made your response to the blind review. I do not see a response to his review on your gig page. Go back to the completed order and look for where you get to respond, which is under the buyer’s review. Then repost what you put on your buyer’s profile page.

Also, the buyer’s response is mostly in another language, so most people will not be able to read the whole thing.

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I only put it on his profile , now I a did under his reply on my gig . Thank you ^^

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I see you offer unlimited revisions. This means you will do unlimited revisions and at any time, even if he comes back a week, a month or a year later. You should have simply agreed to do them soon.

Fiverr can cancel that order and refund his money if you don’t. You need to take that out of your gigs if you won’t do that.