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Can I get some feedback from you guys?

Hi all!

I’ve been on Fiverr fro quite a while now and at some point I started getting regular orders. However, since the new year has started… I had like… 1 order. I am not doing anything differently.
Have I missed out on something?

I’d love it if you could give me some feedback on what I could improve. I have no other source of income at the moment, so I’m more or less hoping to get client orders through Fiverr. I’m mainly working as an illustrator but have good knowledge in phycology and kinda reading people.

Thanks a bunch for your precious time!


Please, write meaningful comments. I am losing hope in this community sometimes :slight_smile:

There’s probably just more competition for possibly fewer orders. You could try sending offers in the buyer requests section if you aren’t already. You could try some different gig images to see if that helps. You could try adjusting prices/delivery times etc. You could also add other gigs too, like one where the delivery is a video instead of a still image - like the gig info video in the house/building drawing gig that shows the image being drawn.

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I will advice you to relax. in the beginning of they year it is normal to see a reduction in the demand for orders. Not only in fever but also in other freelance platforms as well. You might need to check on your previous clients to see if they have more work. Regards

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Partner up with someone who’s writing short stories and needs covers to make their service more appealing. For example, I’m using copywriters and logo designers. If a client needs to a complete revamp for their website then quite often they also need a copywriter. I recommend writers and they recommend me in return.

You can also try a video. I had a short boost from that. It got me like 4-5 orders pretty much instantly.
If you’re camera shy then do like a timelapse video (record your screen and speed it up so it fits into 1min time frame).


This is a brilliant idea.

@uk1000 @uxreview @danielotieno773
guys wow! You’ve been so helpful! I will indeed apply some of your ideas, especially with the video, and try some new coverimages actually… (wasn’t sure if that would be necessary but i guess it is).
Thank sooo much!