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Can i get Traffic to my gigs using HITLEAP?


Hi there i created a gig and to SEO my gig i want to get some traffic is it ok?according to fiverr rules?


I don’t think Hitleap is going to bring you relevant traffic.

Suppose your gig was about cake recipes, and you paid a food blogger to interview you or feature your gig? That would probably bring you a lot of relevant traffic.

Or suppose you help a businessman and he shares your gig on a Facebook group for businessmen, that might also bring you traffic.

Hitleap is seems to me like those who trade like for like. I see them on Instagram all the time, they like and follow you, then you do the same. That doesn’t work in the long round. It’s better to be liked and follow by people who actually like you and want to follow you, not by those seeking the same.