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Can I Give a free offer?

Hello Mastermind,
I want to Explore experience from fiverr and need help from experts that If I will send a free design offer and the buyer can he place the order through fiverr for free with no credits


No. The minimum amount for an order is $5.


Why would you want to work for free? That isn’t the idea behind Fiverr. You are here to earn money for work provided. If you think that you can lure clients with free offers of work in order to get reviews on your profile, that won’t work either because one cannot leave a review without paying for the work.



Thank you for helping. If I well send the offer Through fiverr massage board then he can’t place order

Sure. But please remember, if you do that, the buyer WILL NOT be able to submit a review and you will not get any money for doing that either. So, it is nonsensical to do something like that.

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thanks for your help, But I need some suggestions to grow my work from fiverr

OK thanks, it is helpful for me

Only offer gigs that you are skilled at. If you are not skilled at what you do, you will not get very many clients. If you lack expertise, join a course or whatever it is that you need to do to improve your skills. Improving your marketing and communication skills can help a lot, too.

There’s NO shortcut to success. You need to put in the hard-work and effort to succeed. Offering to do free work is not a solution to success.


This is my fiverr profile Can you suggest me is it right or need some improvement

I gave you a suggestion: do NOT work for free - it will NOT grow your business here.



Thank you? for your time

You should give minimum of 5$ instead of free I think, this way you will probably get more buyers faster (as start aspect) and then later you can bring up your prices more as you think is good for you


No thank you sir for knowing not much. Good day