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Can I give access to my account

hey there,
How can I give access to my account to my team member to manage the orders and communicate with buyers when I will not be available or sleeping? because everyone knows that we can’t work 24/7. but getting new orders & deliveries is 24/7. I think if there’s no option then Fiverr should add this option. so, a seller could give permission to his team member at a different account level. such as communicator, order manager or even admin.

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There’s no option to do that currently. But you don’t need to reply to buyers 24/7. Response rate will only decrease if you don’t reply within 24 hours. You can limit the number of orders allowed in the queue for each gig and increase delivery times if required. You can also change the title of a gig if it says “in a few hours” to something else or remove it if required.


thanks, uk1000 for the great reply!

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