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Can I give away a few free gigs to get the ball rolling?

Hello, although I’m not new to fiver, I have not made any sales, mainly do to not offering my services here. I would like to give fiver serious try, I have numerous websites I operate so I have experience with my offers and service. What I wold like to do is give away a few FREE gigs if it’s allowed to get the ball rolling. I would appreciate any ideas on how to accomplish this, thanks!


As an idea, instead of offering free services I’d offer a very professional and complete packages for 5$ stating this is a one-month offer only. Something really good and detailed that you’d normally charge much more for. That way you ensure enthusiastic ratings, and they will atract more business.


I don’t think it would really help you to get started on fiverr. The main obstacle preventing sales is your lack of reviews; however, to get reviews, you need paying customers.

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I don’t think you can give away “free gigs” and get the ball rolling. To actually get reviews, you have to get paid. Perhaps a better way is promising a whole lot more or “overdelivering” to your customers. For example, you go to the buyers requests section and find someone looking for articles, you can say what you can do and offer a bonus. For example, for $5 I can write one article and you can give me a second topic and I’ll write that article for free, or you can offer more words per article for your first few sales, just so you can get enough reviews which will give you a better reputation and make you look more established. You can also advertise your gigs to your friends or people who know you or even on social media, who knows they might need your services and your first few sales or reviews may be taken from them and that would really help you become more established here on Fiverr… :slight_smile:


You need to drastically improve your gig description:

As someone who runs 10 websites as you say in your profile surely you know the importance of phrases that sell. Your gig description is an advertisement. Make it count.

Giving your gigs away for free will not do anything and most likely no one will want them for free. They are worth zero for free. And you will not get reviews. People will not see value in them for free, so basically it does the opposite of what you want to give them away.

Thank all for the great answers to my question. I will take the advise and add additional extra ordinary super value to my offer, but for a limited time of course!

I like the idea. If you offer samples you can perhaps convert some of those trial users into actual clients. It depends on the type of gig you are offering though. Not all gigs can be offered as trial samples.

I also like the idea of offering two for the price of one specials. Again it depends on the type of gig you are offering.

I’m surprised from all of the response here. No one recommended him “buyer’s request section”.

So, my friend, instead offering free gigs, go to buyer’s request section (selling > buyers requests)

There you will find lots of buyers requesting services in your category. Because you are a starter offer them lots of freebies, discounted offers, better prices etc.

P.S: Work on the photos and the descriptions as well, they must be better

Thank you Bojansavikj, I will check that out.

Sounds good ,Thanks!

Actually, to give due credit, @mrproofreading did suggest that exactly that and it’s a great idea. I did edit the line out of the post and I apologize to @mrproofreading for that. I was concerned that as it was worded a new seller might mistakenly think that they were being encouraged to advertise in buyer requests although that could have been just me over-worrying since buyer requests is messy. So, it was a great idea by you and by him, just to clarify.

This advise from members helped me to get my first Sale and my first positive review! Awesome!!!

There is no way to give a few free gigs. The only option as a new seller on fiver is “Buyer’s request section”. Congratulations on your first sale.

Somehow I knew that I couldn’t be the only one recommending him that :stuck_out_tongue:

congrats!!! Definitely more sales to come if you keep working hard :slight_smile:


To me, I thinking if your services is demanding people will pay you for it.
Don’t give out your service for FREE, SELL IT.

You can technically give out free gigs, but it will not help you get reviews to build up your Fiverr page.

Unless the buyer loved the free gig so much that they actually decide to order it and gave a positive review.