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Can i give canva projects to buyers?

dear canva forum;

i have two questions kindly please answer**

  1. i have a paid pro account in canva. can i give projects to buyers ?
    2)what are the main files which will ask buyers from us

Hi, you can provide canva designs. But its depend upon buyer requirements. Usually canva designs are good for social media designs.
If clients are Okay with that designs, Go for it.
Anyway many sellers are selling these services too.

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Yes You can. But depends on the type of your order. You may deliver the Simple JPG/PNG/PDF whatever as the final Output (Which Happens in the most cases )
While you may need sometimes to send the project files

Thankyou sir
Do i want to tell to buyer .whether im doing with this canva or not

ok sir thank you what are the main types we want to know png jpg can you tell some others