Can I give free service/gig on fiverr


I’m new seller on fiverr and I plan to give my services for free thru my gig. This will help me get good rating for my service and help me develop my business here. But I have heard fiverr takes $1 commission. How can I offer free service on fiverr to prove my abilities. At the moment my intrest is in gaining reputation. Money isnt important(for now atleast)


Every gig must be sold for at least $5 (of which $1 goes to Fiverr).

You cannot give away your listed services for free.


hmm…what do I do to survive with big fish here? fiverr doesnt notice me


Then you’ll have to work hard to get noticed – just like everyone else. :wink:

Promote your gigs outside of Fiverr. Deliver services that out-do your competitors. Deliver unique services that other sellers aren’t offering. Keep improving your gigs, and finding ways to capture the attention of people looking for your services.

There are plenty of ways to “get noticed”. You just have to be willing to work hard to make them happen.


Visit Fiverr Academy, promote your gig and send offers to the BRs.


hmmmm…absorbing what you just wrote