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Can i give my own website's portfolio link on fiverr profile?

:worried: can i add my portfolio link on fiverr profile ??

HI, i am seller on fiverr.
As you now all here is Add portfolio link on fiverr profile.
So i want to ask can i give my website of portfolio link on fiverr profile. I am asking because we can’t share own contact detail with each other. So someone can give me suggestion confidently?


The Add portfolio section is for internal :eye: :eye: eyes only. Buyers cannot see the links in that section.

But you can add portfolio links in the body of your profile and gigs. But, before you do check out the approved list. When in doubt send Customer Support a note, just to be on the safe side.



approved list means.

I am web developer so for portfolio i have need to upload files. so someone can check my work. Have any idea where i can upload my files .

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Websites that are allowed, and accepted by Fiverr Editorial Team. Adding other links will only give you grief. Read the article I posted above, the options are plentiful.

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Thanks its userfull

Thanks you very much for you both

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Well, that’s funny. When I set up shop here, I didn’t know better and put my personal website on my profile. Just yesterday I realized I should probably change that. Went with my vimeo account. Fiverr’s warning came 10 minutes later.

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Yikes! Sounds like it can be quite iffy, that’s why I don’t even bother. :tea:

Ticket is out. Let’s wait and see.

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Your rebuttal should be easy peasy. :wink: Keep us updated!

I know this is an old post but the page where it shows supported link that we can use in fiverr isn’t working anymore.
Can someone share update link where i can see the websites that we can use to share our portfolio.


I found this from a recent post:


Super thanks man. Really appreciated.