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Can I give outright FREE offers here?

I’m new in this new country called Fiverr and I understand more than anything else that here, positive reviews are diamond and, for now, I needed them more than dollars. I trust my ability a lot but there is no way anyone could really be sure I have any worthwhile value to offer. So, I’m thinking of giving out absolutely free service (like writing blog articles) in return for reviews. Now, this is not supposed to be a bribe. Instead, if you honestly think you couldn’t have happily parted with $5 for the service I must have given you, you’d be free in conscience not to write any review for me.

But, I notice you can’t create a gig without assigning a price to it. So, I’m wondering how I could possibly give out 100% free offers to prove what a value you stand to gain by ordering my gigs. So, somebody help: how do I go about this?

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No. To get reviews, you need to get legitimate sales. $5 is not too far from free, especially if you offer far more than a $5 value per gig. There is no mechanism for free gigs here, though, and while you can give work away to get sample work, you can’t get reviews that way.

Thanks for your response @fonthount. But, how do I establish the trust needed to start off? I’m almost sure people are ignoring my gigs after viewing them because they can’t see positive reviews already. Yet I know, if I have been able to render my services to even a few people, they’d be so happy they might consider giving me reviews.

Alright, as an alternative to free OFFERS, how do I give out the free SAMPLES you talked about? Would it be accepted on the forums here? And in which category? Thanks a lot.

You can try to advertise to your friends or family who might need your services done. That way you can establish some reviews and make you more reliable as a seller. Or you can try to make offers at the buyers requests section and offer perks if they order for you. (Ex: Your $5 gig is writing an article of 500 words, say you’ll add a bonus article for the price of one… etcetera, etc.) Offer more for less as you start off then adjust prices accordingly as your status improves.

You can add sample work to your own portfolio using your gig images and a video slideshow. If you want to offer free stuff as an advertising gimmick you can do it on the forum, but only in the My Fiverr Gigs category where all ads go. @theratypist gave you some good tips as well.

Quite ironical! You’ve really opened my eyes to what I have and not using. Thanx a million.

Gr8 idea! The buyer request section. A trillion times, thanx.

You’ve really cared a lot. Thank you. Indeed, two good heads are better than one. I’m i’m now imbued with gr8 ideas, and I’m grabbing my first order in 48 hours. God bless you.