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Can I go on hiatus?

I’ve been on Fiverr for about a year and had a pretty good experience. I’m getting ready to go back to school, and leading up to this point I had hoped to keep my account open and take jobs from time to time. But as I get closer, I’m accepting that this just isn’t practical given the intense nature of my program.

I know that I can put my account on “vacation,” but I think the limit is 60 days, which won’t get me through the semester. And I can deactivate, but it appears that’s a fairly permanent move (

So, is there any way to go on hiatus? By that I mean: pause my account indefinitely and bring it back later? I would love to jump back on Fiverr during breaks, but I can’t do that if I lose my progress every time. I can’t be the first one in this predicament.

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I would recommend just

  1. Pausing all your gigs

  2. Go on vacation mode and when the 60 days come… reactivate the account for a couple hrs or a day then go back on vacation mode for another 2 months, if it is limited as you say.

  3. Do not deactivate

I would recommend you not to deactivate anything, vacation mode can also help, but it’s limited. Just mark on your gigs description that you are not available temporarily. If someone will order anyway jus ask for cancellation.
I’ve done that once already, when I couldn’t work.

I recommend setting the delivery date to something ridiculously long so much so that nobody buys it.


  1. Vacation mode + Deactivating your account = almost the same thing as far as what it does to your gig’s + rankings.

  2. I’ve had personal experience with both and in 3 years+ of fiverr , I would never vacation mode or pause anything anymore. It stops sales for up to 3 weeks after you “unpause” them.

Good luck!

Sounds like a good chance to upsell … set your extra fast delivery for $100 or something and do those orders in 3-7 days time.

Don’t deactivate, if you wish to continue one day, it’s harder to start from scratch :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t worry about the effect of pause / vacation mode if you already know you can’t work for the semester. When you’re available again, remember to let them know, do a little promotion (maybe you even find new customers from offline, your school?) and people will find you again.

IMO, Vacation mode is much less stress than keeping up checking your inbox just in case someone has bought your gig even with 30 days delivery…
I know I don’t have much sales under my belt, but I already used vacation mode once, and guess what? My last sale came right after the vacation mode ended :smiley: So maybe fiverr search engine even helps people who end vacation mode (like they bring new gigs up in search as well) , who knows…

Well, unless you don’t mind checking fiverr regularly :slight_smile: Though some customers may not realize the long delivery, and look at your delivery rate instead… so there’s a risk of negative review due customers who don’t read what they agree on if you just prolong delivery dates.

Thanks for all the great suggestions. I don’t mind losing rankings so much as I’m not a high-volume seller, but I have several regular-ish customers, and almost 200 5-star reviews. I remember how long it took me to get going the first time, so I don’t want to re-live that. And my concern about leaving my account active is that I know I won’t be able to continue my level of service.

All that being said, I don’t know what I’ll ever come back to Fiverr. This was only meant to be an in-between gig between the job I lost a year ago and going back to school, but I’ve worked so hard to build my reputation that I’m bummed to just let it go.

Do not deactivate, just pause your gigs…

Like other people have said, I would recommend pausing your gig. If you realize you have time to do a few jobs on the side, you could communicate that to your return customers. You can still do work through custom offers; just ask them to message you.

I would just pause your gigs and put a note in your profile that you’re away at school and taking a semester off (or whatever the story is exactly).

If you havent done that before writelisaz , I would not offer that as a suggestion.
You will kill your business here.

The better question to ask of all of you providing suggestions is this…

“Have you paused or hit vacation mode on your gigs before? How did that turn out?”

I speak from experience. I’ve done both … and paid consequences both times.

Reply to @zarklon: I’ve strongly considered that. It may be the best compromise as far as slowing my account without deactivating it.

Reply to @katja1700: I agree. Vacation mode hasn’t been a problem for me, and when I’m away it’s usually somewhere I can’t (or seriously don’t want to) keep checking my phone for messages on Fiverr. I work really hard most of the time and need my few days’ off from that. Plus, for me, setting extra long delivery times for just a few days really messes up my queue so that newer orders (when I’m back) get placed ahead of the orders already placed when I was away and made my delivery time longer. I like vacation mode a lot.

Reply to @evpassino: Truuust me … this is the best way. Never hit pause or vacation mode. You may as well recreate your account + gigs entirely to get that “New Seller” boost … its really that bad. Do some more research here on the forums, you’ll find other sellers had the same problems pausing and vacation moding.
Good luck! :slight_smile: