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Can I go to level one?

Can I go to Level One if I don’t have 400 dollar income within 60 days?

And if it is a little late, will there be any problem?

No, you can’t reach level 1 status with earnings under $400.

What do you mean “will there be any problem?”. You either meet the requirements or you don’t.

Level 1 requirements:

  • Complete at least 60 days as an active Seller on Fiverr
  • Complete at least 10 individual orders (all time)
  • Earn at least $400
  • Maintain a 4.7 star rating over the course of 60 days
  • 90% Response rate over the course of 60 days
  • 90% Order completion over the course of 60 days
  • 90% On-time Delivery over the course of 60 days
  • Avoiding receiving warnings over the course of 30 days

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All is well with me but earning is low

I wish you success, but you will need to sell 80 $5 gigs to meet the requirement.

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This is not possible for me within these two months.

You do not need to sell $400 in 60 days. You need to have sold $400 in all-time sales plus being an active Fiverr member for at least 60 days. :slight_smile:

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You don’t have to earn $400 in two months / 60 days. Even if it takes you six months, once you have earned $400 AND you meet the other requirements - then you will level up.

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Oh so thank you really much

i have all the criteria met on aug15 and still cudnt be level 1 because have to wait next evaluation bro

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Thanks. It’s something I didn’t know before

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Why not bro …what happened

actually as soon u finish all criteria for level 1 its not immediate process

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in ur profile check there is evaluation date mentioned, next evaluation date is september 15 ,so even if i met all criteria have to wait till this date

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Quite it is you right

You can wait!
Of course expect something good