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Can i have a list of fiverr workers by country (location) :

can i have a list of fiverr workers by country (location) !

Of course.

Yes. You can go through every seller’s profile on fiverr and make a list of sellers in each country.

You could also have a list of my farts in order of smelliness; it would be more reliable than your proposed list.

Do you guys know Stonehenge? Of course you do. While everybody is wondering HOW they did it, I rather wonder WHY the ■■■■ they did that. I guess they had nothing better to do, like making a list of rocks or so.

I wonder if Stonehenge had a roof of some kind at one time. The pyramids neatly solved the problem of having built in permanent roofs.

The rocks were quarried in Wales, which is quite a challenging distance if you don’t have modern tools like trucks and whatever people use to quarry huge blocks of perfectly carved rock.

Boffins think that millions of trees were cut down and a “rolling tree road” was made from Wales to Stonehenge. Or maybe they had an environmental dept who insisted only a few hundred trees could be used and reused (moving them from the back to the front). We will never know.

In more modern news, archeologists have excavated the site lately, and a few million pounds were spent building a new museum. The new museum created a mild stir of outrage, as it costs money to look at the exhibit that describes what boffins think might have gone on at Stonehenge (druid stuff, basically, and possibly political ceremonial shit). The main outrage from our worst tabloids was on behalf of the poor disabled people, because you have to walk quite a distance (like half a mile?) to see the bloody rocks now.

Also, the best time to visit Stonehenge is around a solstice. You’re allowed to touch the rocks and climb all over them then. Not really, but so many “alternative” people and modern-day druids (of various questionable provenances) attend that the police just don’t bother to shoo them on. You can join them! Just be sure to have your favorite anti-government quotes, woollen jumper and ancient God to hand.

Also, aside from the ceremonial stuff, people’s hearts might have been cut out there. I read that in a tabloid like most of the information above (learned over many years of bored tabloid reading), so everything in this post might be wrong.

Either way, it does align perfectly with the sun/stars/sky things on certain days of the year, and like so many ancient monuments, we are left to wonder not how they were able to do it, but why—and why in our so-called more enlightened age, we’ve lost knowledge that even an African tribe (Dogons) possess light years ahead of their culture.

I blame the media and its owners, who, coincidentally, are also closely affiliated with those who rule us. Now that’s a mafia!

I’ve discovered mystical things the sun does with it’s rays at certain times and which seems to have a significance regarding birth and death.

And of course I also have a far out theory of how the huge stones were moved. It’s a shame there is no record of what it was used for. I think I read it was used for over 500 years.

Is it related to crystal cove woo-woo kinetic telepathy rays?

That’s also how Stonehenge and the Pyramids could have been built. Let’s face it, it’s a lot easier with the woo-woo levitation stuff (and also neatly fits in with "ancient lost tech and knowledge theory). Of course, I also like the theory that all these ancient monuments were either space ports or at least air control centers. So much more interesting than the conventional explanations!

Coral Castle was built with the woo woo levitation stuff like Stonehenge according to my theory
along with the statues on Easter Island.