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Can i have opportunity to get orders from buyer request?

hello everyone,
i am a new seller in fiverr.but i had great experience about worked with several clients.due to my personal reason deactivate my previous fiverr account.So now i start with fresh as a new seller.So still i haven’t recived any orders from buyers.also i always trying to get orders from buyer requests.can i get it??? but my gig wasn’t any possitive feedbacks.So can i have opportunity to get orders from buyer requests??? thanks you!!

my gig :

Buyers request is the best approach to start getting orders on fiverr initially, stay online and keep looking into new request, write a unique and professional proposal it will gonna help you out.
best wishes


@esolutions thank you

Buyer Requests are diamond in fiverr always chance to Get orders !!

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You can get orders from Buyers Requests if they show up for you - new sellers are limited to how many they can reply to daily so, be sure you are replying to ONLY THOSE YOU CAN FULFILL - meaning, you are an expert in what they need. Also, write your response in a personal way, addressing what the client needs instead of just sending a generic response that looks as though you didn’t even read their request. Also, avoid addressing people as “bro, dear, maam, sir, buddy, friend” etc - those are terms of endearment to many in other countries and do not appear professional. Either use their screen name or name if they left one in their request. Don’t bother to respond to buyers requests that you know you cannot or will not do - that wastes the amount of requests you can send out daily as a new seller - only respond to ones you are adept in and can fulfill.