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Can I have some advice to improve my gigs?:)!

Thanks in advance,

Hi! Maybe if you made some of your gigs cheaper (at $5), you might receive more orders.

The profile pic is better than the previous logo, that was probably an experiment. Nice graphics.
Prices are alright in my opinion, I am not a fan of the $5 strategy.
The descriptions of the “online lessons” Gigs seem too short.
Probably the “audio” Gigs will have a wider audience.

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Dear you should promote your gig means its not enough that you have skill and than you created gig…beside this you should
1 share your gig on social media daily.
2 edit vedio in your gig

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Yes those were experiments - these are also! as for the prices, I was examining this subject from several aspects (psychology/people’s behavior - including mine, how much time and work those take, etc). and cause on the fiverr forum almost everbody suggests that “start at the lowest price and slowly build your customers” which surely works, but it’s more a spreading virus that ruins a lot of demanding and complex services! and it, of course, doesn’t mean you cannot be successful with higher prices! Thank you! I’ll be thinking of longer descriptions for those gigs!

i think you should remove click weight ( Non working buttons ) Like " Order Now " from thumbnails…

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What makes you think that?:slight_smile: could you be more detailed please?

Its annoying for user if does not work on click…and time consuming.

but it’s also attracting eyes to look at my gigs cause of the colors and also having a “call-to-action” and I think a lot of people on fiverr know only clicking won’t be enough but hey maybe you’re right, I’ll reconsider it if my statistics go down - clicks and stuff! Thanks!

A good way is share your gig on social media websites but you should have strong connection on social media

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which unfortunately I don’t have so I’ll have to invest in the promotion!

I understand your point and I think that - unless the job is quite simple and fast - the base price should be higher than $5.

In your field (lessons) you may find that some potential buyers are not “candid”, in the sense that they don’t really look for help but for an easy solution… furthermore, some of them may try to spend the card “I’m a student, I have a tight budget”.


Did you try video tutorial for gig promotion??


it seems a viable option too, thank ya! :slight_smile:

it came to mind too when I was thinking of prices, but it’s just an excuse or something like that, even tho my country isn’t “rich”, students can afford a $10-15 thing. think of it, there are a lot of student girls (for example) with expensive cloths and cosmetics! ^^

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