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Can I have some feed back on my gigs?

Hey guys,

I’m a new seller here on fiverr but a long time buyer! I feel like I’m writing into a radio show. Anyway - I’ve posted two gigs so far on Fiverr and have managed to get to level 1. I was hoping you guys may take the time and check them out and let me know what you think? Any tips on how to improve the copy would be awesome. OR even a way to show how I plan on over delivering would be great as well. Here are the links and some info about them.

This is my social media audit gig:

-Providing a 5 minute break down of a social media site

  • Gig extras include actual website and a skype session to review together

    This gig has generated some nice impressions and views. Out of the 62 clicks I’ve generated about 12 sales so not a terrible conversion. It’s the 16k impressions that I have an issue with. I need to get more clicks into the gig. I’ve noticed I’m popping up on the first page when people search for “social media” which is awesome.

    My second gig is this:

    The goal with this gig is to help the customer find their target customer. I’ve crafted a customer avatar that helps zoom in on the optimal person that someone should be selling too in their business.

    This gig is generating nearly as much traffic or clicks. Only a handful of clicks and barely any impressions.

    Thanks for taking the time if you do this for me, I appreciate it. Let me know if there is anything I can do in return!