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Can I have some help improving my gig?

Hello everyone! I Have been working on Fiverr over the last 2 years and it has been amazing until now, now I am barely getting orders, I am only getting orders from returning customers. I don’t know what is happening, but I am a bit worried about losing the only way I have to live.

So I decided to post my gig here, asking for help improving it. I would really appreciate your help!

Thanks a lot for your time and for reading my post, I usually don’t post anything on any forum, but I am desperate to keep working and to keep helping my family.

Francisco Collado


Hi! There are slow times sometimes but your gigs and profile look good to me I could not find one mistake or thing I would change! Maybe try changing your first gig image to something else to change it up? Best of luck!

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Thanks for your reply. And yes, I am trying to improve my images, for example, the image of this gig was changed to be a bit different. Well It may be because it’s October and many people are away from work, but still worried :frowning:

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Your welcome! Maybe so. I hope orders get going for you again!

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I hope the same. Thanks a lot!

You’re very welcome! :smile:

Holy crap your prices are low.


Yes, and I don’t feel I have problems with my prices. I just don’t know what is happening :(.

Thanks for your reply.

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