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Can I have your time to visit and check my GIG? Please!

Hi All,

Thanks for your time in advance. Please check my GIG and advise the flaws in Pricing, Keywords, Meta description PLUS other issues…

I am new to Fiverr, published 3 gigs. No response, order, contact has yet been made.

Even I don’t know how do I check my Impressions, Visits, Clicks, etc! Please Please Please Advice!!!



Don’t make duplicate topics.


You gig all is ok . Just develop your skill . Marketing your gig like facebook, twitter, blogspot, linkedin, and be active fiverr forum

Thank YOu



Yes, that’s right. Definitely!


Make your gig thumbnail more attractive. They looks cropped when not clicked on, so choose the right thumbnail resolution.


Thanks for your advice… you have figure out the right points.
In fact- I am weak in designing.

Can I have your pro-tips or easy tools to overcome?

I look forward to hearing more from you.
Again- appreciate and thank you for your sincere comment, time, and more… stay tuned…

Best regards


yess !!! I will check your gigs !!
greetings from @vivi123

Thanks for your POSITIVE Green SIGNAL- OK that encourage me greatly!

There is no alternative other than development of my skills to co-opt and to compete.

Yep- I must have to do marketing. I have been trying to put more attention on marketing, and keep trying to be active on Fiverr forum.

I am a blogger. How do I post on my blog?
Each gig as a post or else.

Please advice.

Thanks you again.

Best wishes

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Profound appreciation and CONGRATS!
Looking forward to hearing from you…


you can use for creating more attractive gig’s thumbnail. And you should use 1600*1076 pixels size…

That’s a great and awesome advice. You have triggered on right points.

Definitely I will try my level best to keep in mind and works on.


Thanks for sharing. I have been using canva for a long but in these cases, I haven’t use canva.

I will follow on your pixels.


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