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Can i hide the earned money?

Hey, can i hide the earned money that appears on the right of profile picture?


No you can’t hide them.


The money earned (that’s shown to you to the right of you profile when you’re logged in) is not shown publicly.

The only way someone other than you (or maybe those running Fiverr who have the necessary permissions) could guess at what has been earned is through things like the seller level where there’s a minimum earning amount to achieve them.

But like has been said, there’s no way to stop it showing to you when logged in.


I assume the OP is sharing the account with someone and he doesn’t want the earned amount displayed. Otherwise I see no reason to hide it, if anything you should be proud of your earnings.


can we PLEASE STOP assume game? Why would i share my account with anyone? I work in office and i don’t wanna show my earnings to people sitting beside me. I asked a question didn’t asked to assume anything.

You don’t have to ask someone to assume something. They will do it on their own. And in this case you didn’t say why you want it hidden. So you left us assuming, which is not exactly our fault. We just wanted to help. As everyone said, you can’t do it. All you can do is to scroll down on the order page and basically have the information not showing on the page when you’re working near other people. Or, just avoid working near other people if you don’t want them to see your success here.


Basically there is no option to hide your earnings.

this is what you could have said before instead of accusing someone with something that violates the site rules. If you REALLY wanted to help you should’ve told there is no way instead of coming up with accusations with very little knowledge.

and for your kind information instead of being PROUD like you think people should do, i wanna hide because person siting net to me makes very less in the office. Its inappropriate for me to brag out about my earnings. Maybe not for you

I didn’t accuse you of anything. You didn’t mention why you wanted to hide this. Maybe it’s for something personal, maybe you are working with someone on the same account as a mini studio, etc. Who knows. There was no information about that. Hence the reason why I tried to figure out on my own. You can’t hide the earnings, but based on your situation there might be a solution.

Anyway, the best solution is to just not work near other people then. This way you are not offending anyone. And if you really need to work near them, just check the gig requirements on mobile and do your work on the computer without accessing Fiverr there. You won’t have the gig amount displayed on the order page, and you can check the requirements and deliver without people seeing your stuff. You just transfer your work from PC to mobile and then you are good to go. I mean that would be the obvious case if you really want to work on this and not have other people see your earnings.

However, I didn’t accuse you of anything, especially breaking the rules. This is a public forum, people can easily speak their mind, so you can expect both pros and cons. And let’s face it, your post was very vague, I was just trying to find the reasons why one would do that. Which is a valid opinion a person can have based on a post without that much information.


Then go find somewhere else to sit in the office, that isn’t right beside the person whom you do not want to be able to see what you’ve made. Problem solved.

Then don’t.

If the amount you have in Fiverr is as big a problem as you think, then withdraw the funds to your bank so that they don’t show up in your account. Keep withdrawing every time that number gets to high, and you won’t have to worry about being in a position where you are “bragging” to the person next to you.

There are always simple, common sense solutions to every problem. I just suggested two of them for your consideration. Either option will solve your “problem”.


Post-it note, done deal.


Hello! I thought that the answers you got were helpful but you seem to have mistaken them for ones that were not nice. I read them twice and can’t find anything wrong with them.

He didn’t do that. Sometimes people share the same account. It’s not against the TOS.

In addition to using the post-it note solution to cover up the amount, there are also privacy screens you can buy to hide your screen from others. They are available on Amazon in a range of sizes.


By default, you can’t hide it. There are a couple of chrome extensions available with that you can apply specific CSS code to any website.
I use Styler Pro chrome extension, with that if I apply the code below, my earning info on top right bar got disappeared.

span.user-balance {
    display: none;

Note: that chrome extension is a 3rd party program, use at your own risk.


Just put a post it note on the top right of your screen.


thanks, very nice comment and note also

But you already got that answer from @mariashtelle1 and @uk1000, it would be pointless for @donnovan86 to just repeat it.The conversation simply kept going.


The displayed amount is the amount you can withdraw. Simply withdraw it and it won’t show.