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Can I hide the work I did for a client?

Hello everyone. I wanted to ask is there a way to remove or hide the artwork that is attached with our gig that we did for a client? My first order on Fiverr was a NSFW drawing of a girl. I did it because I just wanted to start working and I was tired of waiting. But I can’t share my profile with my friends and family because there would be unnecessary drama because of it. Sharing my profile with them would be helpful because they can help me promote it but because of that one work there’s going to be a mess. Is there a way to hide it?


To hide a single live portfolio example, no. You’d need to deactivate live portfolio for the entire gig, which would also remove the rest of the examples as well.

This can be done via your gigs page and clicking the little upside down triangle to the right of the specific gig.


Oh okay. I’ll do that then. Thank you!

If you turn on the live portfolio option, you cannot turn it off unless the buyer does it from their side. or you can ask buyer permission and contact customer support they will help you

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The buyer has deactivated their account or something I can’t seem to reach them. And I tried to post a request but they have specific categories and none of them were suitable for my problem :frowning: so I just turned off live portfolio. Its sad because many of my other works would be hidden but its okay.

If your gigs are related to the design field, I highly recommend turn on your live portfolio. Many buyers are looking for previous designs before placing the order.

good luck


In some categories it is not allowed to turn of portfolio so maybe it would be best to recreate GIG and delete this one.

Also for future if you do not want your specific work to show in portfolio attach additional image and set it as portfolio sample.

You choose what is going to be in your portfolio. Clients can only accept or remove it, but they do not select the image.

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