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Can I hire a presenter to present my gig?


Hypothetically : I’m selling a service and I would like a professional to present my service in my gig.
Is that okay to do on the site or do I personally need to be presenting my own gig?

Whats the stipulations regarding this scenario?


You have to present your own gig because

  1. It is your gig
  2. It is your profile
  3. You will earn the money
  4. Buyers need to see a real seller, they will expect you.

It will raise an account warning if you do that (not sure, but probably). So it is better that you show yourself. Other than that you have the option to contact CS, they will tell you about this with more detail, so make sure to contact them if you have any questions.


I’m assuming that all comes from the official TOS here on fiverr and not just wishful thinking?
All that somewhere in the TOS?


Every case scenario is not possible to be mentioned in the TOS. I have an experience of this website, that is why I gave you my honest opinion and also you can read the TOS, If your case scenario is not mentioned there, you can always contact CS. That is why they are there.

If you want to try, you can go ahead and do whatever you want with your account.


Well, considering that you’re not even allowed to use a computer to narrate your gig, and that you should use your own voice…

EDIT: on your profile, you say that you have 8 years of experience as an actor, but you need a professional to present your gig?


Ah kk , I think I’ll get it straight from the horse’s mouth. There is so much gray area here on fiverr. This could just be one of those special cases :slight_smile:


Roasted… Ahhhh… that’s hot… That’s really hot. :wink:


I guess my original question should have been stated as a hypothetical one :wink:


Hypothetically, if someone else presents your gig instead of you, you could:

  1. Be seen as dishonest

  2. Be seen as incompetent (if you’re a professional, why don’t you proudly present your own gig? Are you really an actor with 8 years of experience, and are you really any good?)

  3. Get your gig denied for being misleading

  4. Get banned for trying to trick potential buyers

Hypothetically. :smile_cat:


as @iamsachmusic said, I also do feel it is YOU who really want to meet the buyer. But if you make a presentation from somewhere else then You are faking yourself .

And as per fiverr regulations about gig which @catwriter already mentioned on his link:

You should include your voice and video to promote your self.

The point is simple:

  • Be your self
  • Promote your self

From my point of view- Simplicity is the best choice for being successful professional


On the other hand (and playing devil’s advocate slightly :wink:), there are lots of gigs offering to create gig videos for sellers.

:chicken::egg::chicken: :slightly_smiling_face:


Indeed, and some of them are awesome, but they don’t offer that somebody presents themselves as the seller. :smiley_cat:


In fact, they do. Maybe they don’t state it on the gig description but once you watch the sellers’ videos, another is the story…

I’m not saying this lightly, I’ve seen a few :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


We must be thinking about different gig videos, then. The ones I’ve seen are just ads without anyone pretending to be the seller.


Yes, must be different video gigs or sellers. The ones I’ve seen, the sellers talks in 1st person advertising whatever gigs were hired for.

I got to know this just by chance, I couldn’t believe it. Life has strange ways of doing things…


There’s a whole section called ‘spokesperson videos’ which do exactly that for any product or service. Don’t tell me it’s not the real Santa in the gig I’ve just looked at! :santa::wink:


We have just lost our innocence… :cry:


You probably can, but it would look strange.

You’d be better off with a blackboard video, whiteboard, or just gig images. Personally, I don’t like how video looks in the search results. I want buyers to see my 1st gig image, not the video.