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Can I hire Fiverr spokespersons to make video promote my gigs?

I don’t want to be on webcam so can I hire other sellers on Fiverr to make promotional video for my gigs?

Is it against Fiverr Terms of Service?

From previous discussions, I know this is slightly unclear. But one seller (he makes videos, and was asked to make one for another seller) posted a response he got from customer support that said he was allowed to do videos representing other fiverr sellers but as long its not a video testimonial. - See more at:

See also:

This seller did a market test to see the effect of adding a video to the gig, and the results were surprising:

You can do a forum search yourself and read some of the many discussions.

thank you for your fast response, celticmoon!

Reply to @mysphuc: i can do cartoonish videos like animation for this but i havent offered that service because animation takes time and people usually want everything asap.

i will suggest you learn adobe premiere and do it yourself :smiley: that way you will be in full control of your vision.

I did do video animation but Fiverr denied my videos all the time. They didn’t explain what I missed :frowning: