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Can I hire more than 1 seller for a project?


Can I hire more than 1 seller for a project?


You could if you split your project up in several deliverables and give each part to a different seller.

Altough this might not be ideal for most projects cause you might end up with different results for each part.


yeah you can…and it totally depends on you


You can. I’ve seen people do it often when their project requires various things. You would hire one seller for one part, and another for a different part for example.

What you should not do is hire two people to do the exact same job and then cancel one of them because you like the other more.


How to do this?



Thanks. Can you create a project and then invite a seller to do it?


Yes, but you have to pay every seller you hire. You can’t hire 3 sellers, keep the favorite and cancel the others. Fiverr doesn’t work that way.


@fonthaunt: Yes, of course that’s how it works.


OK, so here is how it works for those who are new. I just hired someone and now see how it works.

YES, you can hire more than one person for a project. Your project isn’t locked nor does it disappear after you hire someone so you can just go back after you hire one and can accept an offer for another. You do pay separately.

I was afraid I would lose the prior offers once I hired someone.


No, it doesn’t. If you actually place an order (hire a seller) you are intended to pay every seller you hired. I didn’t say you couldn’t hire several, just that you have an obligation to all hired.

Perhaps this is a communication issue? When I say hire, I mean place an order, not just message to discuss an offer.


@fonthaunt: I’m not sure why you jumped to hiring and then not paying in response to my question. My response was that of course you pay everyone you hire (if they deliver).


There are several freelance sites where you can literally hire multiple people to create and deliver, but buyers only pay the one they like best. The buyers and sellers on those sites are aware of how they work and the seller assumes risk.

Fiverr gets traffic from other freelance sites and new buyers often assume that canceling only affects a seller in terms of time. Cancellations here can actually cause a seller to be demoted.

I wanted to be clear that if you hire multiple sellers (and they deliver) you would do harm if you canceled all but one. It sounds like you did know this and I misunderstood you, but other new buyers may not know this. :slight_smile:


In addition to what @fonthaunt have said… If you hire 3 sellers, you must pay them as far as they all delivered what you ordered … You can’t cancel base on quality…


@fonthaunt: all good, my friend.