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Can i hire my negative refund with refund?

can i hide my negative review with refund ? and can I get order with a negative review in fiverr.


You can’t cancel an order once it’s been marked as completed, hence you can’t offer a refund to your buyer.

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No, the review stays unless it violates Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

You should really read Fiverr’s Terms of Service. This isn’t the first time when you’ve basically asked if you could break the rules.


@yasin3412 there is no way in fiverr bro

“He’s so worried about the money he doesn’t listen to you telling him what it is you want. I had to spend additional monies”

Yeah, doesn’t look good. Maybe start thinking about providing good service, instead of how to hide bad reviews. Your account is toast, pretty much.

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That order can be cancelled, as far as I know, asking the support fro help makes that happen. I have done this back around 2018.

No, it can’t (generally speaking). Otherwise nobody would have any negative reviews, everybody would just ask support to cancel any order with a negative review. Only open orders can be canceled.

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In some cases, yes, but the review stays after the order was cancelled.

And trying to exchange a refund for a feedback removal (which is what the OP is asking about) is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

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No you can’t. I know first order can be disaster. I would suggest write good professional reply and maybe admit your mistakes.

Spamming this wouldn’t get you any order. You can search “active forum” on forum see yourself. There are hundreds of people spamming same thing no one even got one order like this.