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Can I hire someone to improve my gig?

Hi guys, I’m still a newbie here on fiverr. I’d like you guys to advice me on something that I’m about to do which I highly think will be a great investment.

Since I want my gig to kick-off and rank on the 1st page, I was thinking of getting few profesionals, here on fiverr, to work on my gig.
And the plan is simple:

  1. First, I was thinking of hiring an english writer that only specialise in writing fiverr gig descriptions, to write me a compelling gig description that’s packed with great keywords and also provide good tags that I could use.
  2. Then hire someone who creates fiverr gig thumbnails to design an eye-catching thumbnail for my gig.
  3. After that I’ll hire a social media marketer to promote my gig on social media. This won’t gurantee sales but it’ll give me great impressions and more click to help me with my gig ranking. The person that’ll be promoting my gig will promote it on monthly basis.

As for other varients like packages, prices and a title, I will create them by myself.

In this hiring proccess, I’ll only pick a sellers with more than 50 5-star ratings, to ensure that I’m helped by an expert. And I’ll only pick people who worked with other sellers that are already getting the results(reviews, high rankings, and orders in queue).

Will it be a good investment or will I be throwing my money down the drain?? Do you guys think it’ll pay-off in the next 4-5 months?

I’d highly appreciate an advice! :heart:


No need now.
At first create your own gig with beautiful titles and create beautiful gig pictures. If you don’t know Photoshop, you can use online tools. And share on social media. If you provide best service, your gig will automatically rank on fiverr.

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This is against Fiverr’s TOS. They do not want sellers to mislead the buyers by having a gig description created by someone else. If you did hire someone to help you with your gig description you would be endangering your profile and that of the seller who would create the gig description for you.

You did read the TOS didn’t you? :thinking:


Well, first off, there is no guarantee that you, me or anyone else out of the millions of Fiverr users here will be on Page One.

So get that off of your radar and aim for something different.

While I understand why you think it would be wise to hire “experts” here to spruce up your Gig(s), it makes me wonder why you are on Fiverr in the first place.

You say you are a Seller, but it looks like you are not really aware of how to sell yourself to Buyers.

I understand that, but part of being a freelancer is being able to sell yourself.

What happens when you get an order?

Will you hire one of the “experts” here on Fiverr to communicate to that Buyer for you?

What I’m getting at here is that you are an entrepreneur and with that comes a lot of responsibility in how you conduct business.

I suggest you spend some more time reading posts here on the Forum on such topics as “How To Improve My Gig” and things like that.

Then you will be better prepared to sell yourself and your services on Fiverr.

Good luck.


It’s against the Community Standards & Forum Rules - 2020 to create duplicate threads. In the case of changes in a situation, it’s doubly important, so that people can see what advice you’ve already been given and/or what steps you’ve already taken.


The only thing you could ask from other sellers would be a badass thumbnail or a video for your gig.


Do you seriously have the ABSOLUTE AUDACITY to steal my gig text and then show up here?

Don’t worry about your future here on Fiverr because I’m about to end it and save you the hassle.


Oh, my.

Fatal mistake.


Hi Mark,

I think it could be very damaging if you did this–damaging to you and your profile, buyer reviews and future sales. The issue as I see it is that this would grossly misrepresent YOU. When buyers choose which supplier to use, they refer to writing standards, command of English, gig presentation etc., to glean an idea of your capabilities, core strengths and work standards.

Unless buyers correspond with you in depth before buying, I’d suggest they could even feel hoodwinked–i.e. it’s a little like going on an online dating site and beginning a correspondence with someone you select based on great pictures and a superior write-up, only to find that it’s not this person at all and the images and profile are of someone else. In short, if you are not the person who drafts all the components of your profile, then it would not accurately represent you.

Thus, your buyers may feel they are not getting the person advertised.

I’m not suggesting your approach is in any way unscrupulous, but that it unwittingly leads buyers astray. They could be very disappointed if they saw flawless English (just as an example) on your gigs or profile but this standard was not upheld in communications or the product delivery. This would lead to poor feedback and you’d have caused yourself a poor reputation you cannot shake off.

I suggest you put all your effort and energy into writing your own great profile that reflects truly who you are. The final element of your suggestion could work, however; you could perform better by hiring a social media marketer once your profile and gigs have been perfected (by you, not someone else).


EDITED to say: GASP!

thatwordchick–wow, that’s unbelievable. What a shocker! Absolutely, go for it–plagiarising your gig is horrific and this dodgy seller needs to be booted off if that is the case.


And - huge surprise here - every single one of his gigs has plagiarized content and they’re all essentially duplicates of one another. I just can’t even wrap my head around the absolute gall.


I’m not defending any of these actions in any way.

However, what it shows me is how truly desperate some people have become to try to make a buck.


Fun fact is that it doesn’t work, lol


It’s disgusting. This person needs to get their sorry a** off the site. You work so hard for your buyers and someone comes in and does this. Horrible.


I get it, believe me I do, but I have zero sympathy here. Not only is this stealing from our writing family (I found content from Level 2s and TRS), it’s done to give clients the false sense this “seller” is actually capable of doing the work that we do. It’s literally taking money out of my pocket because this is exactly what I do.

I’ve worked at this for more than a decade, late nights, difficult clients, dozens of writing platforms, national campaigns, certifications, courses, conventions…you name it. I’ve got a portfolio with a range and depth that would put a phone book to shame that I bled ink for. If he’d rolled up here and read, and educated himself, and tried to make an honest go of it, I’d be the first in line to help him, even if he was technically competition. Hell, I published an entire eBook that I’d intended to sell as a blog because I’m so passionate about helping people freelance write. That’s why I get so furious at crap like this.


I hear you.

With 40+ years of experience in Media/Marketing I shake my head at those who think they can ride the coattails of those who paid their dues to success.

It never ceases to amaze me what shows up here in the Forum.

When I think I’ve seen/heard it all, the next day I am proven wrong…lol


Not true. OP´s first thougt was to steal description from successful seller.

And second was to ask forum for advice if misleading and breaking ToS brings them any good.



Well that is a big problem if you ask me.

No really I don’t know what to say.

Oh yeah when you get started write your own things because it is personalised to you don’t get someone else because then they might write things that isn’t in your style.

Also for the sake of your career on Fiverr, don’t steal people’s descriptions.

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I’m furious for you too. I have worked for some of those brands and you have to sweat blood to be a trusted supplier, and then to be retained.

The poor English on the OP’s first post shows that he has no chance whatoever of getting anywhere near clients of that caliber. His claims are shameful.

I would only hope that would-be buyers communicate with him before ordering because then, they will see immediately that the claims made in the profile are worlds apart from the poor standard of communication and content this seller displays. Ugh.

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looseink said it all. You shouldn’t be hiring someone else to do a job like this. You should figure out a way to help yourself.

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