Can I increase my rates now?


Hello i am working on fiverr for amost year … In last two month i have completed 130 plus order that is more than i have completed in 9 months now i got orders on dally basis and my gig are is on first page at first place at my category … My questions is can i increase my rates now …


If you believe that your service is worth more and the demand is high then go ahead.
However, I would recommend keeping your old gigs and creating new ones with additional value & higher price range.

Sort of phase out your old gigs slowly rather than change the price on all of them and lose your ranking.


yes you can if you think your services is worth more


i am also thinking i will make new gigs with higher price Thanks appreciated


Thanks appreciated :slight_smile:


I moved my rates after about 200 orders and it worked fine. Do you see competitors selling gigs in the next price bracket? That could indicate what the market is at the new rate before you ever change it.

I would not start new gigs, I would test your current gig with the prices elevated. You can always move back. I would give it 30-60 days at the new price. You need to keep your current ratings associate with your gig.

You also could limit what you offer at the current prices and require more for additional service.

I would focus on your time and not what you charge. I have had gigs that were $150.00 and brought in $20.00 per hour and other gigs that were $5.00 that brought in $100.00 per hour.

In the current climate on Fiverr, you need more orders that are smaller to help with your rating averages. It’s just safer.


Thanks got it appreciated