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Can i invite my client on fiverr through refer program

Hello friends I am Waseem and working as a Graphic Designer/Logo Designer on FIVERR. I just want to know about that can i invite my client on fiverr through refer program yeah of course refer program which is basically known as “Refer a friend” & if YES then please tell me that can same 20% give us on his 1st perchanse and also tell me that he/she hire me if he/she registered with my refferal link.

I am waiting for your kind reply.


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Hello can anyone help me

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Yes you can. You can also send your client an affiliate marketing link to register in fiverr.

@halal_muhammad thanks for your reply can you please confirm that “Refer a friend” & "Affiliate Marketing"are same programs?

No it’s different one. if you want to work as an affiliate marketer for fiverr you need to sign up for that in their affiliate marketing site. which is may be.


Okay Thank you so much for help

Always welcome. as a beginner you should go for refer a friend option. And of course send your gig link after your client register on fiverr by using your referral link so that he or she can find you easily.

Dear sorry to disturb you again actually i want to know that when i invite my client through affiliate marketing so can he/she hire me on fiverr i mean is that ok i mean It will not be a problem?

It is absolutely okay. Your client can hire you, even he can give you good or bad reviews.:smirk:

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Okay Thank you so much :heart_eyes: